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A Closer Look at the Rare Books included in the Bundle

The Lettering Library Mega Bundle boasts an impressive collection of rare books that serve as an invaluable resource for lettering, typography, and design enthusiasts alike.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the gems you'll find in this bundle

Schriften Atlas

Schriften Atlas - Petzendorfer Hoffman - 1909

The holy grail of Art Nouveau books, with more than 140 color plates of hundreds of impeccably rendered alphabets, monograms, full design layouts, initial letters, and much more. This German Goliath should be in anyone's digital collection who is even slightly interested in lettering.

Atkinson's Sign Painting Manual

Atkinson's Sign Painting - Frank Atkinson - 1915

Commonly referred to as the "Sign-Painter's Bible", this book is the grand-daddy of all inspirational and instructional material in the sign world. This book has hundreds of full layouts for advertising, billboards, and beyond with a massive collection of alphabets from the commonplace to the downright obscure. The first section is an extremely in-depth primer in a variety of different skills from how to hold a brush all the way through gilding and glass work. This, above nearly all of the books in this collection, is a must own.

Martin's Ideas

Martin's Ideas - Book One by H.C. Martin - 1935

Martin's first book in this four part series, and an excellent volume from one of the most influential and inspirational sets of lettering books in history. There are hundred upon hundreds of concepts, ideas, layouts, graphic elements, lettering styles, and more throughout this series. Not only are the designs themselves exquisite, but he also instructs the show card writer, sign painter and lettering artist how to advertise their services and add value to their business. It's truly one of the finest sets on the subject ever published - thanks to Jeff Lang for loaning me his copy of this treasure!

Luminous Advertising Sketches

Luminous Advertising Sketches - Phillip DiLemme - 1953

The finest book ever produced on Neon and electric signage. This book (which contains 2 books in a single volume) has over 150 pages of content with beautiful examples of large marquee signs, storefronts, electrical diagrams, and layouts for neon signage. It's truly one of the best and most unique books in my collection.

Lettering for Commercial Purposes

Lettering for Commercial Purposes - William Hugh Gordon - 1918

This book by William Hugh Gordon contains 169 pages of some of the finest instruction ever penned on lettering and show card writing. There are 22 chapters of heavily illustrated pages covering everything from basic letter construction to movie titles. Easily one of the more under the radar books of this, Lettering for Commercial Purposes is a fantastic addition to any collection.

The Book of Ornamental Alphabets Ancient & Modern

The Book Of Ornamental Alphabets Ancient & Modern - F. Delamotte - 1858

Offering a vast array of ornamental alphabets from historical periods, this resource is ideal for enthusiasts looking to delve into historical lettering styles and their adaptation into contemporary design.

Each of these books offers a unique perspective on lettering and type design, making them indispensable references for those looking to expand their creative horizons and draw inspiration from a rich history of letterforms.

90 Five-Star Reviews from Lettering and Typography Loving Creatives

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“I followed the above suggestion and did indeed sit with these lovely books and peruse them with a glass of Russell’s Reserve. I have looked at maybe 5 of the books so far, mostly the ones on sign painting and show cards, and these are already worth the price. I am not primarily a lettering artist, but I do love old books and seeing these is like stepping into another era in the best way. There was even a poem about the sacred art of lettering in one of them! I could hardly be more delighted...”

This testimonial beautifully highlights the joy and inspiration that The Lettering Library Mega Bundle can bring to your lettering journey, whether you're a seasoned artist or simply a lover of vintage books.

Here's another testimonial from a long-time user of our resources:

“Fifty years ago, as a newcomer to the lettering industry, I came across one of these remarkable books. Even earlier, I spotted another one in my local public library. A few others have been in my possession since. The rest added invaluable depth to my reference collection, covering every aspect and decade of the craft. I am profoundly grateful for the availability of these resources. The Lettering Library Mega Bundle slots perfectly into my collection, enriching it further and providing me with endless inspiration and guidance. I couldn't be more thankful.”

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“It's an understatement to say that this bundle is a steal. This is a MUST for those that want to improve their lettering skills or find a lot of inspiration not just with letters but also some design motifs. If you are the target audience I recommend you get this. However, I advise you read the fine print because Retro Supply is upfront and clear that these are NOT scans. Again, these ARE NOT SCANS! The team has painstakingly photographed each page, ensuring the quality is top-notch. I can't stress enough the value of this collection. It's an investment in your craft and a valuable addition to any creative library.”

The Lettering Library Mega Bundle stands as a testament to the power of vintage lettering knowledge, having received a five-star rating from nearly 100 creatives who have purchased and benefited from this incredible resource. They've not only expanded their lettering skills and knowledge but also diversified their creative endeavors.

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