Are These the Best Procreate Line Art Brushes?

The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate

Choosing the right Procreate brushes to create line art will help you get the most out of the drawing app. The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate is perfect for creating illustrations with the feel of vintage children's books.

So are these the best Procreate brushes for line art? They are if you're looking for a vintage children's book feel. 

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Funny enough this pack wouldn't exist if it wasn't for my geeky obsession with magic tricks as a grade schooler.

I admit it, I'm a sucker for magic. When I was a kid I had a few dozen tricks including the cups and balls, scotch and soda (coin trick), a Svengali deck, invisible string, among others.

So when I came across a beaten up magic book for kids called Spooky Magic from 1955 (published by Scholastic Book Services) I was enchanted. Not only did this book contain some neat tricks it also had simple and beautiful illustrations.

The illustrations used economical line art done with pen and watercolor to create easy to understand and yet spoooooky illustrations.

Retro children's magic book Spooky Magic

An illustration from Spooky Magic showing how to create ghost writing using lemon juice and a candle.

Say Hello to The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate

As soon as I saw these illustrations I was inspired to create The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate. We literally scanned images from the book and then went back and fourth making brushes and comparing them with the strokes in the book until we got results that emulated that style effectively.

Here's the process we followed to make the brushes:

  1. Scanned images in at 600 - 1200 DPI from Spooky Magic.
  2. Created an inventory of the 15 essential brushes for capturing the style.
  3. Built each brush by comparing and adjusting dozens of times to the original artwork.
  4. Had professional illustrator Lori Rudolph test each brush, give feedback, help us eliminate brushes and improve the best ones.
  5. Sent the brushes to nearly a dozen professional illustrators to let them vet the brushes and give us feedback.

One of the sheets used to compare brush strokes to source material.

Procreate Time Lapse of The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate

What's Included in the Pack?

A lot of brushes in a Procreate pack can be a pain. Especially when they're filler brushes that have just been added to the pack to boost the brush count to make you pay more (and, trust me, people do this all the time).

We made around 50 different brushes but ended up cutting it down to 15 brushes. Each brush is unique and serves a purpose.

Here's the brushes we're including in the pack:

RSCo Classic Inker

The core of the pack in many ways. The Classic Inker emulates the classic ink pen look we found in Spooky Magic and other source material. It can easily go from a fine to medium weight stroke with just enough natural grit to eliminate the look of a digital pen.

RSCo Shaky Inker

A medium weight liner with more variation in roughness. Perfect for thicker parts of your composition or for a slightly more loose style of illustration.

RSCo Magic Charcoal

If charcoal could maintain it's texture but take on the properties of an ink brush you'd get the Magic Charcoal brush. Vary the stroke from fine to extra bold all while maintaining the rich black nuanced texture of charcoal. Great for detail work and shading.

RSCo Fickle Graphite

Get the charming natural variation of graphite with ease. This brush has been designed to make it impossible to get a smooth and uniform texture while still giving you loads of control.

RSCo Chalk Liner

We realized at times you're going to want to work on illustrations on a darker color. The Chalk Liner lets you emulate the look of moon white chalk on a dark background accurately.

RSCo Portly Filler

A thick, dull lined brush that is perfect for blocking in backgrounds to scenes or adding texture or shading. The heavy lines will add weight and fullness to your work without pulling attention away from the focal point of your work.

RSCo Scumbler

A rich brush that almost looks like spilled cocoa. We used it for small details like cheeks and backgrounds but when you test it out you'll be shocked by the luxurious stroke it provides. You're sure to find lots of interesting ways to use it in your work.

RSCo Sublimer

A more diverse version of the Classic Inker. The Sublimer is so diverse it can easily be used by itself in your work. From your bread and butter line work to filling large areas to adding tooth to the edges of blocks of color this brush can do just about anything.

RSCo Toothy Filler

One of the most devastating give always of digital work is perfectly smooth lines. Even when your work has natural imperfections they just look digital. The Tooth Filler transforms digital looking edges into tasty and toothy edges that harmonize with your work.

RSCo Knitted Liner

The answer to what happens when you let a crayon sit in a basement for 50 years. This dry wax liner is like fighting with an old crayon. We used it for little details like the details on clothing but you can use it anywhere you want an unreliable waxy line.

RSCo Streaky Market

The strokes from this brush remind me of one of my kids Crayola markers. The brush has just a touch of pressure sensitivity, a consistent dark stroke, and the smallest amount of tooth to reproduce the look of ink soaking into a light weight sketch paper.

RSCo Blotty Inker

The Blotty Inker was designed to give you that highly sought after look of liner work that looks like the pen is being drawn with slowly depositing more ink in some areas than others. Varied blotting as well as a look of elongation of the ellipses of the ink blots when velocity is increased.

RSCo Dash Pen

A simple dash pen done right. Variation in dashes with no pattern so it looks 100% organic.

RSCo Dixon HB 2

A fictional pencil based off the HB graphite scale. This pencil give a dark solid stroke making it perfect for line work. However, feel free to use it for sketching if you want too!

RSCo Old Turpentine

The perfect topper to the pack. Turpentine is derived from the resin of trees. In painting it's often used to dilute paint and give a softer look. Imagine a watered down gouache and you're getting close to the effect this brush achieves. Old Turpentine lets you add washes of color to your pen work without a washed out look.

The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate goes on sale on March 7th at 8:00 am PST.

The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate

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