Creepy Colors

Creepy Colors

October 26, 2023

Introducing Creepy Colors: 15 Spooky Color Palettes for Your Next Project

Discover 15 spooky color palettes perfect for Halloween. These creepy colors are sure to add an eerie touch to your designs and illustrations.

Creepy Colors is packed with 15 creepy color palettes, source photos, and tips and tricks. Perfect for any project that requires a creepy touch.

Introducing the Creepy Colors Guidebook

Delve into the world of color and spooky packaging design with our latest offering - Creepy Colors. This book unveils the eerie and intriguing color palettes inspired by Halloween and eerie packaging designs. With a total of 15 unique color palettes, Creepy Colors aims to add a thrilling twist to your design projects.

Each color palette in the Creepy Colors book comes with a detailed history, providing insights into the inspiration and meaning behind the colors. To guide you in your creative journey, we have also included useful tips and tricks on how to effectively use these color palettes in your designs. Every color palette is accompanied by a photograph of the original source material, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind the colors.

A color palette from 'Creepy Colors' alongside its source material

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