Customer Work: May 2024

Customer Work: May 2024

Every day, we see art created by our inspiring customers with RetroSupply digital brushes and textures on our Instagram feed. We've selected a few outstanding designs from artists we found this May made using RetroSupply Co. products.

Tag us in your post, and let us know which of our tools you used so that you can have a chance to be featured on the RetroSupply Co. Instagram account!


At the intersection of cigar packaging and vintage surf memorabilia sits the highly refined work of Shaka, who, as the name might suggest, has built a robust collection of tropical-themed artwork. With a keen eye for what makes vintage ephemera so memorable, Shaka has a firm grasp of how textures transform digital art.

Laying a paper texture down–like Phantom Paper used here–instantly transports this design from the inside of a cold computer to a sunny California beach.

Robin Banks

If you've been keepng up with RetroSupply Co. for a while you'll know the charismatic work of Robin Banks from many of our product pages. A featured collaborator for many years, Robin's work is dripping with authentic vintage charm while still maintaing a modern appeal.

This poster for their longstanding DJ event let's ColorLab shine. Showing the effectiveness of just a few colors against a stark black to draw people's attention.


With a heavy dose of surrealism, the work of Danish artist Koggist is both captivating and comforting. It combines dreamlike vignettes with a thoughtfully crafted vintage aesthetic. The use of ColorLab gives these works a strange timelessness, making them feel both contemporary and straight out of an old comic book.

Koggist is also an Affinity Designer user, representing of how RetroSupply Co. tools work in the software.

Kev craven

It's always fun to see artists mash up different styles or approach familiar topics in an unfamiliar way. Take, for example, this rubber hose-style portrait of Jimi Hendrix by Kev Craven. Our Complete Collection for Procreate includes a versatile bundle of brushes, paper textures, and templates, making it perfect for any style of artwork.

Of course, a skilled hand helps! Kev's attention to detail and understanding of the tools makes the work convincing.

David DeGrand

If you're a fan on characterful illustrations full of gross-out humor and embracing the kid in all of us, look no further than David DeGrand. With a style reminiscent of 90s children's cartoons (the kind you were probably too young to be watching), David is a master at communicating a lot with bold shapes and lots of emotion. We can practically smell this illustration made even more visceral with our paper textures and DupliTone!

Brad Woodard

Friend of the company, Brad Woodard, who has helped us design many packs over the years shows that you don't need to pigeonhole yourself when making retro-inspired art. Although his work is decidedly mid-century, that can mean many different things. Brad's versatility is never watered down. Showing that he is equally masterful conveying a variety of looks. Such as in this national parks poster design.

Dan Wolff

We created ColorLab with classic comics in mind. And although you can use ColorLab for anything, there's something special about seeing it in a comic. That's why we were drawn to this comic strip by Dan Wolff.

What makes this work unique is the unusual cooled-down take on primary colors. We also love using dot and line halftones and other pattern elements to give extra depth.

June Shin

There's nothing better than seeing your artwork out in the real world. And we feel the same way about our products. That's why it was a real treat to see the work of June Shin, who uses our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, adorning the 2021-2022 Stanford Design School yearbook.

We're highlighting June in 2024 because these designs recently won two prestigious awards! Showing that everyone from a casual hobbyist to award winning professional designers are making great work with RetroSupply Co. tools.

Steven Grit

We always love seeing how our products are used in the "real world" just like in this rocking beer can design by Steven Grit. Taking a printed comic look gives the design a unique rock and roll feel, which is just what you want in a beer!

And, of course, Steven chose ColorLab here. The one stop shop for authentic comic-style artwork found in the Comic Artist Toolkit.

R.L. Black

Another example of ColorLab in practice comes from R.L. Black, whose successful Kickstarter projects have gifted the world with many exciting comic book series, including this recently produced wrestling-themed comic. The punchy use of primary colors harkens back to the early days of superhero comics and adds to the action.

Chris Piascik

The exciting and inventive art of Chris Piascik is hard to miss. Chris constantly experiments and explores new ways to make art, all in his instantly recognizable style. We love this unique take on a familiar phrase using the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit!

Chris is an Adobe Fresco user, meaning artists in the Adobe ecosystem will find our tools for Photoshop perfect at home and on the go.


We've looked at a diverse range of artists and styles, from surf-culture-themed artwork from Steven Grit to wrestling-themed superheroes from R.L. Black. You may have noticed that many artists were using ColorLab and the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, which can feel at home in a variety of uses, both digitally and in the real world.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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