Fright-Fall 2022 Calendar

Fright-Fall 2022 Calendar

The Fright-Fall 2022 drawing challenge starts in just a few short weeks. Here are the official word prompts for this years Fright-Fall Drawing Challenge!

Fright-Fall Word List

Make a drawing each day of October based on the drawing prompts below. Be sure to include the hashtag #frightfall2022 for your chance to be featured, win cool prizes, and be seen by the community!

      1. Candy
      2. Hocus Pocus
      3. Crow
      4. Urn
      5. Eye Ball
      6. Razor Blade
      7. UFO
      8. Slasher
      9. Centipede
      10. Fortune Teller
      11. Poltergeist
      12. Jack-O-Lantern
      13. Curse
      14. Tombstone
      15. Bride
      16. Cyclops
      17. Big Foot
      18. Corn Doll
      19. Monster
      20. Reanimated
      21. Moth Man
      22. Blood
      23. Candle
      24. Demon
      25. Puzzle Box
      26. Cauldron
      27. Toad
      28. Necronomicon
      29. Creep
      30. Wrong Turn
      31. Costume

Fright-Fall Drawing Challenge: Important Notes

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