Join the Drawing Challenge for a Chance to Win an iPad Pro!

A 31-day drawing challenge every day in October with spooky prompts and the chance to win an iPad Pro!  

When it comes to creating art, often times, the hardest part is getting started. Fright-Fall is a 31-day challenge in October to help you build better drawing habits, meet friends, and get the chance to win cool prizes.

Drawing Prompt Calendar

Fright-Fall Rules

  1. Make a drawing inspired by the Fright-Fall calendar prompt.
  2. Post it on Instagram.
  3. Use the hashtag #FrightFall2021 and #RetroSupply.
  4. Repeat.


Grand Prize
iPad Pro (12.9 inch)

One lucky Fright-Fall participant will receive an iPad Pro (12.9 inch).

View sweepstakes rules here.

Runner Up
Apple Pencil 2

Three lucky Fright-Fall participant will receive an Apple Pencils (2nd generation).

View sweepstakes rules here.


What is Fright-Fall?

Fright-Fall is a daily drawing challenge in October including daily drawing prompts, live events, free RetroSupply products, and prizes including an iPad Pro for one lucky participant.

How do I Join the challenge?

If you're just doing the drawing challenge all you need to do is make drawings from the daily art prompt and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #FrightFall2021 and #RetroSupply.

To qualify for prizes you must do the above and subscribe to the Fright-Fall email list (form on this page).

View the full rules here.  

How do I get entered for prizes?

Be sure to signup for the Fright-Fall email list (form on this page) and follow us on Instagram.

Then each daily drawing prompt you post to Instagram that includes the hashtags #FrightFall2021 and #RetroSupply counts as an entry in the contest. Each human can enter a total of 31 times if they do all the daily drawing prompts.

View the full rules here.  

Do I have to participate in the challenge every day?

Nope. We know daily drawing challenges can be overwhelming. Do what works for you. Even if you miss days, any day that you post and use the hashtags #FrightFall2021 and #RetroSupply counts as one entry.

Here's an article on how to get the most from a drawing challenge (without losing your mind).