5 Must-Have Graphic Design Books That Will Inspire You

5 Must-Have Graphic Design Books That Will Inspire You

A high-quality collection of graphic design books can be a great tool to find inspiration and new perspectives.

Unlike a good novel, the best graphic design books should inspire you and after a bit of reading have you ready to start creating.

Over the years I've probably collected over 100 graphic design books. Most of them get read once and then put on a shelf (or worse, in storage). But every so often I discover a great graphic design book. One that I find myself reaching for anytime I need inspiration, motivation, or a new perspective.

Here are five of the best graphic design books to keep your creative tank fueled.

House Industries is one of the most influential design studios of the last 25 years. It's no surprise that the books is filled with gorgeous photographs of type, design, illustration, and more. But this book isn't just an inspirational book of images. It's organized into chapters to help aspiring artists and established studios alike to grow.

Chapter topics include telling stories, making connections, working with your hands, and tons more. A worth investment for any creatives library.

Morning Breath isn't as well known as House Industries (and their work is in a completely different universe). But you've likely encountered the aesthetic, sense of humor, and creativity of your work in pop culture.

From their influence on music to skate to pop culture as a whole. This book will give you a deep dive into the ethics and passion of great artists and designers.

I guess if I had to describe this book to someone quickly I would say it's clip art. But that doesn't do it justice. It's a collection of advertisements, cartoons, and pop culture art curated by Sean Tejaratchi and his unique insight into this medium is priceless.

Before I got this book, I mostly knew about Eames through vague memories in design classes and the famouse Eames chair. But the impact of Charles and Ray Eames is much more than any chair or other well designed object.

Charles and Ray Eames lived a life immersed in the true magic of design — how design can change how we feel and interact with the world. Eames: Beautiful Details gives the readers a thoughtful tour of their work spanning across dozens of fields including furniture, graphics, toys, architecture, and more.

We're obviously big fans of all things mid-century around here. So Cartoon Modern is a no-brainer for the list of must-have books on our shelf.

Cartoon Modern is an encyclopedia of 1950s animation. In alphabetical order, Amid Amidi takes us on a journey through household names (as well as more obscure names) in classic animation, cartoons, and illustration.

If you're an illustrator that wants to quickly reference a wide variety of mid-century cartoon styles there is no better book on the market.

Conclusion: Best Graphic Design Books

I hope you found a book on the list that inspires you. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of great graphic design or illustration books. But right now, these are some of our favorites and we think you'll enjoy them too.

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