5 Reasons Why You'll Love Office Supplies

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Office Supplies

Drag and drop textures are becoming more and more popular these days in both digital art and design. Being able to add that extra something to your work can make it shine among a sea of content creators.

If you haven't used textures like this before, however, you might not know how to use them or what makes them special. So we've put together of the top 5 reasons we think you'll love our newest collection of textures, Office Supplies.

What is office supplies?

Vintage stationery and promotional material can be hard to come by because by its very nature they are meant to be used or discarded. Unlike other types of vintage, there really isn't a market for old price tags or stained paper so finding them can be a long process.

The RetroSupply Co. team pulled together their years of collecting to create four themed packs of transparent PNG textures to add to your work. These are things that hardly anyone keeps around, but which can really take your work over the top.

1. Sourced from Real Vintage

When you find yourself needing some analog touches for your digital art, where do you turn? You'll be hard pressed to find listings for price tags, rusty staples, and all those other special ephemera that can bring retro art to life.

We scoured yard sales, antique malls, online auctions and more to find every piece. No stock images or repeats. Each asset is completely unique and one of a kind. Heck, we even dug through the trash at one point to save a special asset just for you!

2. Regular Updates

Getting a large collection of assets can feel overwhelming and that can be disasterous for your inspiration.

That's why we've developed a "slow drip" format for Office Supplies. Instead of getting everything all at once, get a new pack every week of 25 high-quality assets.

Take the time to get to know all your tools and get excited for the ones coming up. You'll be a texture master in no time!

3. Easy to Use

Nothing is easier than a drag and drop transparent textures. Just like it sounds, all you need to do is drag the asset into your preferred software and drop it where you want it to go. That's it!

Some art techniques take a long time worth of hard work and practice to master. Don't waste time agonizing over cleaning up textures when you could be focusing on the things only you can do.

4. Saves Time and Money

Getting a piece of tape to be perfectly transparent, or removing the text from a texture is really hard and time consumming. Don't believe us? Go ahead and give it a try and then think of all the art you could make in the time it takes you to prepare just one texture.

We're sticklers at RetroSupply Co. HQ and don't believe that "good enough" is good enough. That's why we did the gruelling work for you. No weird artifacts, no fuzzy edges, just 100% quality that you can feel comfortable using in even your most high profile projects.

5. Realistic and High Quality

Some techniques for achieving realism in your digital artwork take hours of practice and tweaking to get right. With Office Supplies, however, all the hard work has been done for you.

We scanned each asset at a super high resolution using quality and professional photography scanners. Set the texture to multiply, or add a drop shadow, and sit back and relax as you get a flood of comments asking for your secrets. They don't need to know it's Office Supplies!

Conclusion: Office Supplies

In a perfect world every stain, adhesive mark, and rust staple would be a real artifact on your work. Unfortunately, in your digital art, these kind of touches become impossible to create organically.

Office Supplies gives you the next best thing. Real ephemera and artifacts that have been lovingly scanned and processed by a team of vintage-loving creatives.

Grab Office Supplies now from the RetroSupply shop.