Procreate Halftone Effects: The Battle of Filters and Brushes

Procreate Halftone Effects: The Battle of Filters and Brushes

Are you a digital artist looking to create halftone effects in Procreate?

There are two main ways to do it — but they yield very different results.

    1. Procreate's built in halftone filter
    2. Professional brushes like ColorLab comic halftone brushes

To help you decide which one to use, check out this video by Brad Woodard, a Procreate expert, where he demonstrates how to create halftone effects using both methods.

Brad will also explain what halftone is, how it works, and the different options available in the halftone filter. So, let's dive in and learn how to create amazing halftone effects in Procreate!

In summary, Procreate's default halftone filter is an easy and quick way to add basic halftone textures to your artwork — but if you're looking to emulate the look of true analog halftones the filter is severely lacking.

RetroSupply's ColorLab Comic Halftone Brushes offer a much more realisitic analog effect and control over the halftone effect but require more time and skill to use effectively.

So which is better — Procreate's halftone filter or RetroSupply ColorLab halftone brushes for Procreate? If you're working on a project that needs a nuanced and highly convincing four-color halftone effect ColorLab is the way to go.

If you want to get fast and easy halftone effects and don't mind it not looking a bit digital — Procreate's built in filters will work just fine.