How to Create a Mid-Century European Pocket Calendar Design

How to Create a Mid-Century European Pocket Calendar Design

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a mid-century European pocket calendar. I'll walk through you exactly how I go from having zero concept at all to building a complete design, including how I find inspiration, my favorite resources, and how I add texture and other effects in Photoshop.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How I use Pinterest to find ideas fast
  • My favorite tool for quickly grabbing color samples to use in my work
  • How to layout a mid-century style design quickly in Illustrator
  • How to create registration errors and aged textures in Photoshop

Here's the resources mentioned in the tutorial (not required to learn the techniques):

The Mid-Century Nature Vector Art Kit

A collection of wildflowers, woodland creates, leaves, trees, and other nature-inspired vectors. Made by award-winning design Von Glitshka.

Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise

My favorite brushes for adding subtle textures to my work including: wear and tear, ink soak, subtle aging and more.

Mid-Century European Design Pinterest Board

The board I created to find inspiration for this tutorial.


My favorite Mac app for easily saving colors for projects. I use this app all the time!