[FREEBIE] DupliTone Brush Sample Pack

[FREEBIE] DupliTone Brush Sample Pack

Try before you buy. Download SOME of our DUPLITONE Halftone Brushes Free

If you've ever purchased a car you know one of the first things they ask you to do is take it for a test drive.


Because unless you actually get to see how the car performs how will you know it's a good fit?

That's why we're giving you some DupliTone Halftone brushes FREE to test drive. Plus, we've included a tutorial video to show you how they work.

Click here to download the DupliTone Halftone Brush Freebies now

Don't forget, when you buy the complete pack you're going to get loads more:

  • 108 halftone brushes including rough, smooth, and shader.
  • Classic 45º halftone angles.
  • Halftone shades between 10% and 90% so you can always get the right look.
  • Pressure sensitive gradient halftones for tablets and iPad Pros as well as brushes that work like a dream with a mouse.
  • The RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee.