How to Make Simple Mid-Century Illustrations

How to Make Simple Mid-Century Illustrations

Master Mid-Century Illustration

Have you been wanting to do more Mid-Century style illustration work but you're not sure where to start? This tutorial from Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods will show you how to make a simple Mid-Century camp illustration using Procreate in a few simple steps.

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Step 1: Solid Shapes

After sketching out your design, filling in solid shapes helps give you a feel of whether you need to alter your composition. Use a minimal color palette (two or three colors should do) and focus on emphasizing line and texture.

Step 2: Line Work

Once your solid shapes are filled in, add detail to your work with line art. Try choosing a brush with texture to add visual interest.

TIP 💡 : When adding your lines, stick with one brush for the majority of the piece. Competing textures can overwhelm your eye and over complicate the simplicity of a Mid-Century design.

Step 3: Texture

Many artists during the Mid-Century were limited in the amount of colors they could print with as the more colors a print contained the more expensive it was. To keep things cheap, artists made smart use of textures. You can use textures in your work to make shapes more interesting and to imply depth when elements of a design art stacked.

TIP 💡 : You can use clipping masks for adding texture to your shapes if you would like to work non-destructively (e.g. make changes that do not permanently alter your design.)

Mid-Century Mastery

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