How to Make Retro Wax Packs

How to Make Retro Wax Packs

Remember old-school wax packs and trading cards from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s? It's been over 30 years since the first wax pack trading cards hit the scene, featuring pop culture icons like athletes, cartoons, and movies.  

Now, these packs are a source of inspiration for designers and illustrators.

Artists like Mark Scicluna, Zack Wallenfang, and Scott Serkland of Serkworks Art Labs are all creating vintage wax packs to look like their favorite subjects from pop culture — with many sold as artwork, promotional pieces, and exclusive items for their community.  

In his latest YouTube video, Scott from Serkworks Art Labs dives into the captivating world of "wax pack" trading cards, bringing to life a collection inspired by the worst movies ever with the help of RetroSupply Co.

Products Used In This Video:

Here are some things you're going to learn in this wax pack tutorial video.

  • How to achieve off register screen printing effects. Wax packs were printed with water based ink on high-speed presses. This results beloved print errors often found in pop culture ephemera. Learn how to achieve this effect with our InkChamp Photoshop action.
  • How to mimic lo-fi screentones common on wax wrappers. Halftones were often used to get a wider tonal range from fewer colors, cutting printing costs. Learn how to use DupliTone to get screentone effects in your illustration work.
  • How to use photos to create inked illustrations. Not a great illustrator? No problem! Scott will show you how to use source photos, inking brushes like our Standard Pens pack, and simple collage techniques in Photoshop to create classic illustrations.
  • How to make printed wax packs at home. Make physical wax packs with some simple items you might have at home. These are perfect for showcasing in your portfolio or selling in your shop.

The journey through creating your own vintage-inspired wax packs is more than a lesson in design; it's a bridge connecting analog craftsmanship of the past with digital innovation of the present.

The video above from Serkworks Art Lab is as much a testament to the lasting appeal of retro design elements in contemporary creative work as it is a practical guide, giving you the knowledge and inspiration to integrate these timeless aesthetics into your own designs.

About the Artist

Scott Serkland

Scott Serkland, a nostalgic genius, transforms pop culture memories into art from his secret studio.

Inspired by robots, aliens, and zombies, his creations include the comic series "Young and the Dead" and retro-inspired collectibles.

Visit his website Serkworks Art Labs and follow him on YouTube for more videos like todays.