Wolf Wax Live Draw

Wolf Wax Live Draw

Watching another skilled artist work is one of the most effective ways to improve your illustration skills. Like watching a master chef cook in the kitchen – you can learn new techniques by observing their practices and process.

Watching an artist work is a great way to learn illustration techniques. Illustration live streams allow you to observe the illustration process in real time, providing an opportunity to ask questions and make comments as the artist works on their creation.

But we can't always watch live events when they're happening. That's why we have a collection of recorded live events from our Back to the Drawing Board series.

Below is a live drawing session we hosted with Robin Banks to promote the release of our FREE Steal This Brush Pack.

How to Get the Most Out of a Live Draw

While watching the video, it's essential to take note of details. Most people can store between 5 and 9 items in their short-term memory — so follow along and write down anything that stands out to you so you can reference it later.

Things to pay attention to in a live draw:

    • Specific techniques (name the method to remember it better.)
    • Types of materials used (is the artist using a tool or resource that improves results or saves time?)
    • Adjustments made along the way (not everything works the first time. How do they fix mistakes?)
    • Comments on the decision-making process from the artist (this allows you to hear what their inner voice is telling them.)

You can check out additional content by researching what materials are used, how they are applied, and what illustration styles are being showcased. Many artists have specific inspirations that inform their art. Pay attention to how their references influence their design choices and how they apply tools.

Taking full advantage of any available resources can turn an entertaining video into a valuable tool for improving your art.

Note: This live draw will take approximately 90 minutes, so you should plan your schedule accordingly.

Materials used in the Live Draw

In this illustration, artist Robin Banks uses the Steal This Brush Pack. A collection of six brushes, including a pencil, pen, halftones, textures, and more.

Our free brush pack gives you enough to make a finished design, but if you want to supercharge your work (or if you'd like to use these tools professionally), consider upgrading to a premium pack. It's the difference between a bicycle and a motorcycle in terms of going further in your art practice faster.

If you dig the art in the video, consider getting ColorLab for super authentic analog print styles. Or, if you're willing to invest a little more, you can get ColorLab and four other indispensable packs in our Comic Artist Toolkit.

Conclusion: Thoughts on Live Draw Videos

Watching live draw videos is a great way to improve your illustration skills. When you're watching another artist's work try not to compare yourself. Remember you're just on different parts of the journey. Instead, focus on your own progress and celebrate the accomplishments you make.

Giving yourself the time to experiment, and learn from others will help improve your art tremendously. And you can use our free Steal This Brush Pack to help get you there.