InkWash | Vector Ink and Water Brushes for Affinity Designer

Compatibility: Affinity Designer

Save money on this and 4 other of our best-selling Affinity Designer vector brush packs with The Vector Brush Toolbox for Affinity Designer.

[WARNING] These brushes are stupid easy to use. All you need to do is open the file, import the brushes, and start swiping some InkWash goodness on your work!

  • A set of 30 watercolor brushes made by hand in the RetroSupply studios with India ink and water
  • Get authentic ink wash textures that add a painterly feel to your work
  • Includes 30 vector ink and water brushes, a display sheet and instructions

Stupid Easy Watercolors You'll Actually Use...

Affinity Designer User? You're Going to Love This

I've always loved the way commercial artists from the mid-century used watercolor.

Mix water, add a dab of India ink and soak the brush. Then spread deep, textured shades across your sketches and pen work in one quick swoop.

The only problem is until now watercolor sets have been too complicated and just plain crazy. 

Personally, I love to make things stupid simple whenever possible.

That's why we created InkWash. It's a set of 30 watercolor brushes made by hand in the RetroSupply studios with India ink and water.

You don't need to upload any swatches, or read a 2000 word manual to use these brushes.

Here's exactly what you get when you buy the InkWash now:

  • 30 ready-to-use vector ink and water art brushes
  • A display sheet with brush samples, instructions, special tips, back story and more
  • A diverse set of brushes made and inspired by mid-century commercial watercolor work.
  • When we made this set, we wanted to make it as brain-dead simple as possible.

But don't be deceived. You can still add colors to these brushes and mix them up just like real watercolors.

Just click on a brush, select a color and you're good to go.

I've shared this set with a handful of my designer friends. They've all told me almost the same thing:

They had to buy 3-4 kits to get as many useful brushes as they found in this kit. And those other kits were more complicated to use!

Grab this pack now for just $19. That way you have them when you need them (instead of searching all over or hoping this one is still available).

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