Gouache Shader Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

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Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above. Click here to view the Procreate version.

Create Lush Gouache Style Illustrators with this Illustrator Brush Pack

Looking for this pack for Procreate? Grab it here.

Looking for this pack for Affinity Designer? Grab it here.

"So much detail! How in the hell did you do that?"

That's the question that I've read probably a dozen times below Adam Grason's work.

Luckily, now you can use the same brushes that Adam Grason and so many other illustrators use in their work.

Be sure to look carefully at the brush previews to see how the brushes are used and the diversity in the pack.

Here's what you're going to get:

  • 52 gouache brushes for Adobe Illustrator (CS4 and above).
  • Works fantastic with mouse or tablet (we've worked with in with an iPad Pro, and it was fast and fun).
  • Get rich gouache effects in Illustrator in a few minutes. No more hours of searching for weird textures to add on top and then mask in odd angles.
  • Perfect for flexible illustrator work for posters, books, and other artwork that must be able to scale.
  • Use it how you want. Create books, merchandise, posters, vector art, or anything else. Just don't resell the pack or give it away.
  • Brushes pay for themselves in one project easy.
  • Compatible with Adobe CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.


The Basic pack includes all of the Gouache Shader Brushes, instructions, and the printable brushes reference sheet.


The Premium pack includes all of the Gouache Shader Brushes, instructions, and the printable brushes reference sheet. Plus, you get access to two time-lapse videos of Adam making the artwork for the pack (the dragon and haunted tree).

In the time-lapse videos, you can see how adam builds his work out. This helps to eliminate some of the overwhelm if you're trying to create illustrations with as much texture as Adam. Adam rarely share's how he makes his work so access to videos like this are hard to find.

Like movies?

Here's an example of how illustrators often use the brushes. Notice how each effect starts with a simple line that is then manipulated by choosing a different brush from the Gouache Shader Brushes panel.

Product Details

Here's a detailed list of everything you get in the pack. We tried to anticipate every type of brush and resource you would want in a gouache pack like this.

  • 12 gouache liner brushes for giving the edges of objects a textures feel.
  • 12 360° gouache shader brushes for adding depth to your work and giving you the ability to mask the brush how you want.
  • 12 gouache edge shader brushes that allow you to apply gouache textures to edges without the need for a mask. Saves time and CPU.
  • 12 high contrast 360° gouache shader brushes for adding more intense textures.
  • 12 high contrast gouache shader edge brushes for adding more intense textures.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Printable brush reference sheet.

Start Getting Rich Gouache Brush Effects in Illustrator Today

If you've ever seen illustrations with rich classic textures that are full of depth this brush pack is for you.

Its uses are nearly endless. And it will help you achieve a time-consuming and frustrating effect with ease (and probably a smile on your face).