The Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate

Software Compatibility: Procreate (recommended with Apple Pencil but not required)

Create Mid-Century Illustrations in Procreate

A collection of 15 mid-century art brushes designed to create a variety of illustration styles fast in Procreate.

This pack is chock full of brushes for a variety of 1950s and 1960s illustration styles.

"A must-have for every cartoonist and illustrator."

Brad Woodard - Brave the Woods

Here's everything you're going to get in the pack:

  • 15 mid-century Procreate illustration brushes.
  • Includes gouache, ink, pencils, pens, halftone, and grain brushes.
  • Designed to make it easy to achieve a variety of mid-century illustration styles.
  • Includes easy-to-follow installation instructions.
  • Compatible with Procreate.

Do you make mid-century illustrations and cartoons? The Mid-Century Procreate Brush Pack was designed from the ground up to allow you to choose 2-3 brushes and create different and distinct styles of mid-century illustration work.

Here are some of the illustration styles you can get with easy using the pack:

  • Vibrant vintage children's books.
  • Energetic 1960s stle advertising art.
  • Minimalist catalog illustrations.
  • Low brow quirky retro art.
  • Modernist-inspired editorial illustrations.

This is the simplest and easiest way to start drawing authentic mid-century illustrations today. Grab it now and start saving time and having fun!