Turbo Textures Brush Kit for Clip Studio Paint

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Make Easy Work of Adding Perfect Textures to Your Work

This do-all texture pack adds subtle grain, rough edges, ink textures, heavy grunge textures with ease.

  • 40 Turbo Texture brushes including subtle ink textures, sponges, grungy grain, screen pull errors and more
  • [BONUS #1] Turbo Textures "Quick Reference" sheet to quickly see how each brush looks.
  • [BONUS #2] Turbo Texture Tip Sheet with our favorite techniques for using the brushes.
  • RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee.

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Software: Clip Studio Paint
Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher
Memory: 8 gb of RAM or higher
Storage: 15.7 MB

This 40 piece set contains easy-to-use brushes that are always just a quick cursor sweep away. Pressure sensitive brushes made from real ink and print samples makes adding final touches to your work a breeze.

The ultra-sharp grain textures are created from real ink and print textures. Each one scanned in at 600 DPI. Then refined for 20 hours so each brush responds to pressure to give you the precision you require when adding textures.

Plus, you'll love all the time you save putting the final touches on your work. Get projects done faster. Enjoy results that clients love and designers envy.

Here's just a few of the ways to use the brushes:

  • Set your blending mode to Hard Light and add 5 second ink textures
  • Increase your pen pressure and create sponge brush style shapes
  • Add a layer mask and add grainy edges to background shapes
  • Add a layer mask and use light pressure to create subtle screen pull flaws
  • Choose different colors and build up painterly forms in seconds
  • Shrink the brush size, increase pressure and use the brush like a sketching pencil

Here's what you get in the pack:

  • 40 Highly Adaptable Texture Brushes
  • FREE updates for life (and we've got an update right around the corner)
  • [BONUS #1] 1 Turbo Texture idea sheet (with our favorite ways to use the pack)
  • [BONUS #2] 1 Turbo Texture Quick Reference sheet with samples of all brushes (and techniques for using them)
  • RetroSupply 60 Day Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

Stop Wasting Hours and Improve Your Results NOW!

Don't spend a minute longer wasting hours trying to add perfect textures to your work. Start achieving stunning textures instantly today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these brushes work with a Wacom tablet?

Yes! In fact, they were specially designed for a Wacom tablet (or any other brand of tablet). You'll find the brushes are pressure sensitive and adjust in intensity and size.

What type of files does this pack include?

All brushes are .sut brush files.

Do I need a Wacom tablet to use these brushes?

The short answer is no. You'll get some great looking effect with these brushes with just a mouse. But we've built a lot of goodies in for designers and illustrators using tablets.

Why should I buy this now?

Of course you don't have to buy it now. But if you ever add ink, screen, grain or grunge textures to your work they'll come a time when you wish you had it. Probably sooner than later. So might as well grab it while you'll remember! 

What if I try it and don't like it?

Every product from RetroSupply is backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don't love it for any reason, hell, if you see a picture of me and don't like my hair. Just send us an email within 60 days and we'll happily refund your money. No questions asked.