ColorLab for Photoshop

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Photoshop Comic Brushes

Capture the lo-fi look of classic comic inking in Photoshop — just like you see in vintage comic books, Sunday comics, and old school advertisements.

What's included

  • 28 halftone dot brushes
  • 28 halftone line brushes
  • 28 halftone dot shader brushes
  • 28 halftone line brushes
  • 3 comic inking brushes (Classic Brush Pen, Dry Nib, and Ramen Brush)
  • 10 ink defect brushes
  • 8 high-resolution paper templates
  • Color formula chart (374 colors)
  • User guide (including video tutorial links)
  • [BONUS] Skin Tone Palette PDF
  • [BONUS] Quick Start Coloring Sheet
  • [BONUS] ColorLab X DupliTone complete 1000+ color palette PDF

ColorLab is a set of Photoshop comic brushes, textures, and easy-to-use resources that give you fine tuned control over all the details you love about vintage comic illustrations including color formulas, screen angles, ink bleed, print textures, and more.


Software: Photoshop CC
Hardware: 2.4 ghz processor or greater
Memory: 8gb RAM or greater
Storage: 1.2 GB

Photoshop Comic Inking Brushes

ColorLab for Photoshop features unequaled replication of halftone percentages, screen angles, and ink plate textures — giving you the power to capture all the charm and nuance of real print.

Photoshop  Vintage Comic Inking Brushes

Paper Textures

8 high-resolution, customizable paper textures including traditional comic inking papers like newsprint, kraft paper, newsprint, flyleaf, and cover stocks.

Photoshop Vintage Comic Paper Textures

374 COlor Formulas

Our latest update includes 10% and 20% black (standard for 20th century comics) so you can get 374 authentic formula colors. Includes classic bright, bold colors as well as a new updated color palette and reference sheet with rich and diverse skin tones.

Photoshop  Vintage Comic Inking Brushes

DOts and Lines. Clean and ROugh.

ColorLab for Photoshop allows you to pick the perfect halftones for your project. Choose from clean dots, rough dots, clean lines, and rough lines.

Unlike any other product on the market, ColorLab brushes all layer seamlessly for more variety. Achieve cheap lo-fi comic styles or more nuanced editorial illustrations.

Photoshop  Vintage Comic Inking Brushes