DryGoods | Chalk Brushes for Affinity Designer

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Compatibility: Affinity Designer

Save money on this and 4 other of our best-selling Affinity Designer vector brush packs with The Vector Brush Toolbox for Affinity Designer.
  • Get extremely realistic results with these vector chalk brushes for Affinity Designer
  • Converted from real source material using our Five Step Conversion Method
  • Includes 23 different chalk brushes for Affinity Designer

Note: These chalk brushes were made using our 5-Step-Vectorization Method. The result is extremely realistic chalk brushes, so real, they're hard to tell from the real thing!

Affinity Designer Vector Chalk Brushes Inspired by Old Chalkboard Signs

DryGoods refers to dry food and other miscellaneous household goods. The term was often used during the late 19th and early 20th century.

The DryGoods | Vector Chalk Brushes for Affinity Designer is a throwback to these stores.

Due to the ever-changing assortment of goods chalkboard signs and A-frame signs were used to advertise the days specials.

The DryGoods set equips you with 23 Affinity Designer vector chalk brushes. These brushes were created by using a variety of different chalks. Each with different amounts of wear and tear (for maximum diversity in your work)

Finally, we scanned them in at 600 DPI, post processed the scans in Photoshop, used premium auto trace software to convert to vector, and then minimized as many points as possible.

Admittedly, with something like chalk you still end up with a lot of points.

The result is a set of chalk brushes that look extremely real. Even though they're vector (as you can see from the examples) they look just like real chalk!

Be sure to view the Product Details tab for everything you get!

Product Details

Here's what you get when you buy the pack:

  • 23 chalk brushes including heaps of different strokes
  • Converted from real source material using our Five Step Conversion Method
  • Includes standard chalk, fine point, wide edges (great for filling areas), and more
  • Presented on an attractive sample sheet (this sheet looks so good you'll want to print it and put it on your wall)


Do these brushes include fills or layer styles?

Nope. These are just standard brushes for vector artists. No fancy do-it-for-you stuff in this pack. We're going old school on you ; )

Are these brushes pressure sensitive?

Again, no. They work great with a Wacom but they also work equally well for adding a chalk sign look with a mouse.

How did you get the effects in the example?

Just using the chalk brush set! I used the chalk brushes to add outlines to text, scribbled with thicker chalk brushes for fills, and then contained them in clipping masks (if you're not familiar with clipping masks look it up now! They are crazy awesome!)