Battery Acid Vector Brushes

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Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above

    • 15 vector art brushes created from corroded batteries, rusty metal and textures from 1950s Popular Mechanics catalogs. 
    • Brush Quik-Reference sheet that includes examples of each brush, the story of the brushes, and tips for using them
    • Easy to follow instruction PDF with pictures
    • RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee (don't like the brushes we'll give you your money back)

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Super-Rugged Vector Brushes for Illustrators

Inspired by textures from 1950s Popular Mechanics catalogs, rusty metal and corroded batteries– hence the name – these brushes recreate the rugged textures found in our garage and will add that vital human touch to your designs and illustrations.

Note: Use any brush like this enough and Illustrator is going to give you the spinning wheel of death. So no coloring in gigantic areas with a bazillion strokes. Also, like any product of software, the more RAM you have the better.

15 Vector Art Brushes Created from Garage Grime

We dug through our garages and made these textures into perfectly grimy vector brushes just for you. Each brush is unique and different and they can all be used to add gritty, rough texture to your clean vector work. 

Brush Quick Reference Sheet

It's so much nicer to open up an AI or PDF file and see examples of all your brushes laid out (instead of loading them and guessing what they look like). Plus, we lay out the reference sheet so it looks great and include stories and tips for using the brushes.

Easy to Follow Instructional PDF

I absolutely hate when I buy a digital product and the instructions are a plain text file. It's annoying to read and lazy. That's why we made the instructions as a full color PDF with pictures and headings so you can easily find the information you need.

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