Photocopy Hate Machine for Illustrator

Epic Masterpiece of Photocopy Goodness for Illustrator

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Need to add a little (or a lot) of gritty photocopy textures to your work?

We've got your back with this epic masterpiece of photocopy goodness.

  • Use textures on large prints with no drama (AKA no pixelation).
  • Crisp bitmap textures pop off the page and bring out the best in your work.
  • Includes intuitive template for instant results when you're feeling lazy (like having an Illustrator guru building your file for you).
  • Scanned at a monstrous 1200 DPI so you can use this pack on big projects.

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 184 MB

Made from 100% Real Photocopies

Inspired by 90s alternative rock flyers, half-dead high school photocopy machines, and the possibilities of cheap mass duplication.

The Photocopy Hate Machine textures and resources were lovingly assembled for you from REAL photocopies. Made in REAL copy shops. With REAL people staring at us like we were crazy.

Then we scanned and processed these at 1200 DPI to capture every speck of toner.

Here's everything you get when you buy the pack:
  • 55 photocopy PNGS (average size of 10,000 x 13,000 pixels at 1200 dpi)
  • 1 template set up for instant results (4000 x 2662 pixels)

Grab the Photocopy Hate Machine, crank up your favorite 90s alternative album, and make some photocopy magic!

Choose the Texture Type That's Right for You

Each project you work on is different. So you need the right tools for the job. That's why we're giving you three different ways to add photocopy textures to your work.

Texture Type #1. PNGs

These high-resolution files are your bread and butter. Throw 'em on to your design and they do their magic.

Texture Type #2. Template

Ahh, the lazy man's method for creating great looking photocopy work. Just place your work into the file, adjust the settings, and export your file. It only takes 1-2 minutes to get killer results. But clients and friends will think it took hours.

Harness the Power of Bitmap TIFFs

Up until about a year ago I didn't know what was so great about bitmap TIFFS. Then I was watching a tutorial one day. The dude placed the bitmap TIFF into Illustrator. Then he got the Eyedropper Tool and selected a color.

Like magic this complex raster texture turned into a sharp, eye-catching texture that I could use in Illustrator. It was like discovering a long lost hidden treasure!

The point is, bitmap TIFFs let you relax and enjoy your work. The textures can be applied painlessly. No hassle. Just great looking textures.

Photocopy Textures from the Wild

You probably know that when it comes to textures we love making products as authentic as possible for you.

The Photocopy Hate Machine is no exception.

Suzanne Sarver (partner in crime at RetroSupply Co.) knew from the beginning that we wanted REAL photocopy textures. Ones no one else could get but us.

So we swallowed our pride and proceeded to go to copy shops and get concerned glances as we used copy machines the WRONG way.

Imagine if Sonic Youth was a two people that experimented with copy machines instead of sound. That's us (okay, we're not really that cool - but it's a nice picture).

You Deserve the Best... so we worked our asses off.

You spend your days perfecting your craft. Whether you're an illustrator, an in-house designer, a bass player making your bands artwork, or a dabbler in the dark arts of design.

We put the same hard work into making a texture pack you'd love.

We wanted you to have a texture pack that you'd come back to time and time again. And if you love the gritty toner goodness of copy machines this is the pack for you.

We hope you enjoy using the pack as much as we enjoyed making it!

The RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

We're sure you'll love your new RetroSupply Co. product. But if for any reason it's not a good fit just let us know in 60 days. We'll give you a prompt refund. All we ask is that you give us some feedback on how to improve the product. No hard feelings. No third-degree.

What's up with the name Photocopy Hate Machine? Yeah, it's a funny and weird name. The idea came from a long conversation about what a hate machine is (per NIN Pretty Hate Machine), a hilarious comic from The Oatmeal that uses the phrase "printer hate machine", and the term pretty hate machine on Google Answers.


Watch the video below to see PNGs in action.


Watch the video below to see Photoshop brushes in action.


Watch the video below to see PNGs in action.


Here's a secret video I took of my first trip to the copy shop...