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RetroSupply has the vintage Illustrator textures you need to create the killer looks of yesteryear without the need to fight your way through ungodly amounts of cobwebs or asbestos inhalation (trust us, it ain't pretty).

From vintage screen printing toolkits to vector textures and custom Illustrator graphic styles, our incredible selection of Adobe Illustrator textures make it easy to add that unmistakable dated look to any piece for classically cool digital art your friends won't believe it's vector.

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Learn how to save a tone of time in Illustrator by creating and leveraging smart keyboard shortcuts. Implementing the information in this video could easily cut 20% of the time off products in Adobe Illustrator.

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Learn how to create retro-inspired icons in Adobe Illustrator. We'll be starting by creating a food truck illustration and then use that illustration to build out a full set of icons.

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In this tutorial, learn how to create a vintage three-eyed skull illustration with hand drawn vector brushes and textures.

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Adobe Illustrator Textures

We’ve gone to the deepest, darkest corners of gramps garage to uncover the textures only time could produce, and prevailed victorious with this incredible selection of Illustrator textures.

Illustrator Texture Products

The Screen Printer’s Toolkit

Screen printers rejoice! The Ultimate Screenprint Texture Illustrator Tool Kit is here! Stuffed with over 72 lightweight handmade digital textures and resources, the screen printer’s toolkit gives you everything you need to speed up your workflow without compromising quality or authenticity. You’ll love how easy it is to add textures that are ready in a flash, and the instant access you get to print-ready templates, work orders, paper texture Illustrator effects, and a whole bunch of resource guides.

Diet Vector Textures

For distressed textures Illustrator can handle without crashing, you need the Diet Vector Texture Illustrator Brushes. This pack of 100 super lightweight, high-resolution textures won’t crash Illustrator but will help you create your best work ever. Broken up into four packs of 25, each vintage texture Illustrator pack is a different theme, giving you endless possibilities and the digital drawing tools you’ll wish you had sooner.

Phantom Paper

Authentic paper textures in Illustrator? It can be done with Phantom Paper. You'll find a diverse range of paper textures in this pack, including chipboard, cotton rag, kraft paper, recycled pulp, and tabloid paper. Whatever your creative vision may be, Phantom Paper has the perfect texture to help bring it to life.

Office Supplies

Craving a little bit of old-school charm in your digital art? We've got you covered with our Office Supplies artifacts and ephemera clip art. Adding each piece to your work is fast and easy, thanks to professionally crafted transparent PNGs.


Before DupliTone, you either had to make do with the limited default brush capabilities of Illustrator or, if you were dedicated, scan real halftones and add them with a mask. DupliTone was built from the start with classic vintage offset printing in mind. Capture the classic look of print found on consumer packaging, cheap print work, and ephemera.


This industrial-strength collection of brushes, swatches, textures, and templates will help you achieve the cheap comic effects of your dreams with ease. ColorLab makes achieving these retro archival effects easy and fun.


Von Glitschka and RetroSupply team up to create a library of Illustrator textures sure to knock your sock off. The Doggone Design & Illustration Textures for mobile and desktop features a slew of high-quality distressed textures Illustrator users can count on in any situation. Whether it’s adding a gritty background in a pinch, roughing up the edges, or impeccably precise details, this distressed texture Illustrator pack is the end all be all to ease your texture troubles.

Want more Von Glitschka? Check out our other collaborations for the best grain Illustrator textures for your digital toolbox, like the Doggone Grainy Scatter Grain Illustrator textures.

More from RetroSupply

Whether you’re on the hunt for wood Illustrator textures, distressed Illustrated textures, paper Illustrator textures, or a combination of every vintage Illustrator texture you can get your hands on, RetroSupply’s collection of textures has everything you need to create your best work ever.

Browse our incredible selection of hand-sourced relics today and quickly be on your way to creating your best work ever.