Doggone Grainy Scatter Brushes by Von Glitschka | for Illustrator

Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS6 and above

  • 5 grainy scatter brushes created by Von Glitschka
  • Includes dark, medium, light, course, and fine brushes
  • 3 pieces of artwork from Von Glitschka in Ai file format (so you can reverse engineer his drawing process)
  • All Von Glitschka packs have perfect 5-star ratings from verified buyers

Grainy Scatter Brushes from Von Glitschka's Personal Arsenal.

Take your shading game to the next level with this carefully curated pack of 5 grain brushes from Von Glitschka.

You won't waste any time searching amongst a long library for the perfect brush. This pack is condensed down to the most essential grain brushes- ranging from dark to light.

Here's What You Get When You Grab this Pack

Doggone Grainy Scatter Brush Set

You get 5 grainy scatter shading brushes. These brushes will give your work that rich, textured look.

3 Super Organized AI Files You Can Reverse Engineer

We know that it's easier to learn how to use brushes by seeing them in action. That's why we've provided Ai files of Von's artwork. By giving you access to his professional illustration work, you can take a peak into his drawing process and quickly understand how to use these brushes.


Von Glitschka - Illustrator and Designer


Von is the creative director of Glitschka Studios a small two-person boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest.

Their diverse range of illustrative design is sought after by some of the most respected brands in the world.

They creatively collaborate with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, and small businesses to produce engaging visual narratives.

Von has authored six books on design and branding and is the creator and producer of design courses for Linkedin Learning.

Doggone Grainy Scatter Brushes by Von Glitschka | for Illustrator has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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