The Dry Brush Pack for Procreate

Gouache Style Dry Brushes for Procreate

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The Only Dry Brushes You'll Ever Need

A collection of 15 retro dry brushes that pay tribute to the past but look toward the future. Designed to emulate the classic dry brush look of commercial artists and illustrators.

Here's everything you're going to get in the pack:

  • 15 authentic Procreate dry brushes.
  • Includes classic dry brushes, extra dry, dry washes, brayer, grit, dry shaders, pencils, and more.
  • Brushes designed to work together to create a classic dry brush looks often seen in children's books.
  • Includes easy-to-follow installation instructions.
  • Compatible with Procreate.

Software: Procreate Version 5.0 and above

Hardware: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher

iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher

Storage: 30.2 MB

I love the classic look of dry brush as seen in children's books and mid-century commercial illustrations.

The Dry Brush Pack for Procreate was designed from the ground up to allow you to choose 2-3 brushes and create different and distinct styles retro inspired dry brush work just like you see in children's book and old commercial art.

Here are some of the classic dry brush styles you can make with this pack:

  • Retro modern children's book illustrations.
  • Editorial illustrations that give a nod to the past.
  • Low brow quirky retro art.

These brushes have been tested by professional illustrators and artists. Then we used their feedback to get the brushes perfectly dialed in.

The result is a set of brushes that many of our test users tell us make them easy to forget. Because we've carefully tested and adjusted them they feel broken in and ready for drawing.

Brush Inventory List

RSCo Classic Dry Brush

Texturing in landscape and cactuses. The classic general purpose dry brush. Not too heavily loaded with paint and not too dry.

RSCo Gringo Grit

A perfect brush for adding a little grit or filling entire areas with gritty goodness. Use it to add patina and age to your pistols. RSCo Blunted Pencil A soft pencil comfy like a flannel shirt. Perfect for your initial sketches or use it's diverse powers of pressure sensitivity for creating a variety of line widths and textures for visual interest.

RSCo Sketcher Pencil

Every pack needs a pencil to start laying out your ideas. This fine sketcher pencil makes blocking out your ideas a breeze without getting in the way as you build up your work.

RSCo Dusty Pencil

This guy's the outcast of the group. Use him to add visual interest and dimension to your work. Whether it's adding plaid stripes to a cowboy's shirt or drawing a line in the sand.

RSCo Badlands Brayer

A super duper diverse brush for killing analog smoothness. This brush emulates a slightly wetter dry brush not to heavily loaded with paint. Perfect for everything from California sunsets to bullet riddled fences.

RSCo Sand Stripe

Another brush for adding visual interest. We used it cactus lines, horses mane and tail, or anything that needs a whispy touches, mountain ranges and sandy plains. Or enlarge it and create beautiful wood grains style textures.

RSCo Dry Wrangler

Based off the effect of paint on dry stiff fine bristle. This brush is ideal for shading, textures, and subtle aged distressed textures. We used this brush all over but one interesting way it was used was to create the look of yellow aged paper and landscapes.

RSCo Thin Crayon

Perfect for imperfect line details. This brush is based off an unreliable crayon and is great for adding fine details like guitar strings, frayed thread, and anywhere you need broken lines in your work.

RSCo Magic Wash

This brush goes from an ultra light faded grit to a paint filled dry brush with an increase in pressure. Use it for sweeping grainy lines or subtle distressing. Use it around lettering to distress the edges.

RSCo Sun Baked Freckles

A classic that can be used for shading, textures. This little guy is a workhorse that you'll find dozens of uses for.

RSCo Toothy Filler

Use this and use it often. Great for filling in large areas and giving a textured bite to the edges.

RSCo Dry Wood

You can get creative with this one partner. This brush acts like a wetter brush that has been unloaded on the paper. This brush will give you that hard to achieve texture you get on just one perfect stroke between a loaded paintbrush and a completely dry one.

RSCo Dry Brush Shader

This brush helps you get into wide and tight spots alike and add almost magical looking depth and shadow with a classic dry brush look.

RSCo Soft Pencil Shader

As we used the brushes we discovered there were oftentimes we needed a subtle brush for gritty, subtle shading. This pencil shader is up for the task.

Artwork by Lori Rudolph

Every RetroSupply product is made by a team of designers, illustrators, and other creatives around the world.