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Comic Ink Brush Set for Photoshop

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The Classic Photoshop Comic Ink Brush Pack

This set of custom inking brushes for Photoshop includes 11 brushes inspired by vintage comic books. These brushes pay tribute to illustrators like Bob Bugg and Robert Clarke of MAD Magazine. 

Each brush has been custom made to deliver the retro looks you love. Get energetic and expressive lines, lines with a subtle gritty texture, pens that emulate the look of ink bleed effects on cheap newsprint, and more.

Whether you're a professional illustrator looking for a reliable pack of inking brushes or just need them occasionally in graphic design work — these brushes have you covered.

Ink brush set includes:

  • 11 Photoshop vintage comic ink brushes
  • 6 ink spray stamp brushes
  • All the go-to brushes you need including: classic ink, comic book, dry ink, wet ink, liner brush, fountain pen, runny inker, and more
  • 1 PDF reference guide
  • 1 PDF installation guide

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 8gb RAM or higher

Storage: 77.9 MB

Brushes for inking. These brushes were developed with feedback from professional retro-inspired artists. We also did side-by-side comparisons with archival comic book illustrations to truly capture the look of retro comic inking.

Feel like real inking pens. All the brushes included in the pack are pressure sensitive and optimized for your drawing tablet.

Diverse brushes. Our goal was to make a vintage ink kit that was diverse and includes a wide range of visual tones to use in your work. Here's the brushes included in the pack:

  • Vintage Pen
  • Vintage Fountain Pen
  • Vintage Italic Tip
  • Classic Fountain Pen
  • Classic Ballpoint
  • Smooth Liner (perfect lettering brush)
  • Stub Tip
  • Ramen Brush Pen (possibly the most powerful brush in the pack — used for inking, lettering, ink bleeds, and fills)
  • Felt Tip Brush Pen
  • Runny Fountain Pen
  • Retro Toothy Pen
  • 6 Subtle Ink Spray Stamp Brushes (perfect for adding ink flaws)