Analog Ink Foundry | Vintage & Grunge Photoshop Brushes, Texture and Templates

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  • This is the closest thing to actually inking up your work in real life!
  • Inky textures will add a rich, tactile quality to your designs
  • Easy to use template with brushes for custom strokes
  • It comes with several Smart PSDs (for the quick and easy jobs), textures, and brushes (for more control and to use outside of the template in any PSD file)

The Ultimate Pack of Authentic Ink Roller Textures

Let's face it. It's basically impossible to find good ink textures for your work. You can search all over the web for brushes and end up wasting hours (and still have no good tools to show for it). 

I'll let you in on a little secret (and this is exactly why they're so hard to find)...

Most of the people making these brushes are getting other people's free resources (and poorly made low resolution ones at that) and creating their own brushes or textures from them. 

Plus, the original brushes and textures weren't even made from real ink textures in the first place!

The result is a disappointing set of tools that make it seem impossible to get these effects. 

We made an ink pack from REAL ink, paper and rollers (in a little apartment in Florence, Italy)

I've always wanted a pack like this (and always been majorly disappointed and the products on the market). 

So while on sabbatical in Florence, Italy I discovered a little art shop on a cobblestone side street. I couldn't resist going in (especially when I imagined that guys like Michelangelo had probably walked down these same streets).

Inside I found a little shop packed from floor to ceiling with paint, ink, brushes, rollers and paper. I decided that I wanted to take a little piece of my journey home with me (in the form of some amazing ink textures).

So I bought a bunch of ink, rollers, brushes and paper and went back to my apartment for the weekend to make the best ink pack that I could.

Here's a List of Everything You Get:

• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Self Inking) - Landscape 20 x 16 in 300dpi
• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Self Inking) - Portrait 16 x 20 in 300dpi
• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Self Inking) - Square 16 x 16 in 300dpi
• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Built In Textures) - Landscape 20 x 16 in 300dpi
• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Built In Textures) - Portrait 16 x 20 in 300dpi
• Analog Ink Smart PSD (Built In Textures) - Square 16 x 16 in 300dpi
• 11 Ink Roller Smart Brushes (Drag them like real ink rollers)
• 8 "Classic" Ink Roller Brushes (Standard Photoshop brushes)
• 10 Standard Issue Ink Roller textures (isolated from background)
• "How to Apply Ink Textures to Anything (in 30 Seconds) Video Tutorial

You'll Love the Analog Print Foundry (or I'll Refund 100% of Your Money and You Can Keep the Kit)

If you don't love a RetroSupply product I refuse to keep your money. So if for any reason you're not happy with the product just shoot me an email. I'll happily refund 100% of your money and you can keep the product. The risk is all mine : )