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Retro-Style Glitch Distortion Effects for Photoshop

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The Ultimate Collection of Retro Glitch Effects and Overlays

Create retro-style glitch distortion effects in this Photoshop texture pack using our collection of Smart PSD's, overlays, and brushes.

  • 3 high-resolution RetroGlitch Smart PSD's (4000x3000).
  • 27 high-resolution glitch overlays (4000x3000px .tiff).
  • 25 high-resolution screen overlays (4000x3000px .tiff).
  • 4 high-resolution texture overlays (4000x3000px .tiff).
  • 3 pixelation brush tool presets.
  • 1 in-depth colored instruction PDF

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 3.8 GB

I remember watching football games on my mom and dad's analog television. This was before remotes (you had to twist the channel knob and it made these loud clicks). 

The television had rabbit ears. You constantly had to tweak and adjust them to watch your show. And sometimes some weird glitches happened. 

RetroGlitch is our way of packaging up all those glitches and imperfections. With this pack you can drop photographs and illustrations into the Smart PSD's and instantly get 100% customizable effects.

Prefer to use brushes? We've included a collection of glitch brushes made from tortured televisions and other electronics. 

Here's some fun facts about the pack:

  1. I bought an analog television from Goodwill and tortured textures out of it.
  2. We dug deep into the online subculture of glitching to discover what effects were most desirable (then packaged them as overlays)
  3. We focused on true retro/analog glitch effects (real noise, pixelation, tube decay, etc.)
  4. Just place overlays on top of your work and change the blending mode for instant glitch effects.
  5. Place your work in the Smart PSD and click save. Instantly see glitch effects that can be 100% tweaked how you want them.
  6. You can destroy the entire image with our dangerous filters or create a glitch as a subtle touch.
  7. RetroGlitch was made in my garage late at night over the course of a week. I set up my Canon DSLR and took hundreds of photos of the analog television.

If you're a designer, illustrator, or developer who likes to experiment in your work this pack is for you. With over 70 different assets and nearly infinite combinations you're sure to find the right touch for your next project.