The Complete Mid-Century Brush Collection for Procreate

Best-Selling Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate

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Retro Brush Heaven

The complete collection of our best-selling mid-century brush packs for Procreate. Every brush you need!

  • 60 best-selling brushes. Everything you need for mid-century inspired illustrations.
  • Includes liners, pencils, gouache, textures, and more.
  • Made from real media. Inspired by history.
  • Regularly updated.
  • East to install (simple instructions).

Software: Procreate Version 5.0 and above

Hardware: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher

iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher.

Storage: 122.1 MB

Here's What You Get:

The Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate ($19)

15 mid-century art brushes designed to easily create a variety of retro illustration styles in Procreate.

The Dry Brush Pack for Procreate ($15)

15 retro dry brushes inspired by gouache illustration and opening movie art from the Golden Age of Disney.

The Liner Brush Pack for Procreate ($19)

15 line brushes to create minimal style retro line art as seen in mid-century children's books and advertising.

The Texture Brush Pack for Procreate ($15)

15 unique texture brushes for Procreate. Add visual interest, textures, and grit to your work with the sweep of your Apple Pencil.

Software Compatibility: Procreate (recommended with Apple Pencil but not required)