The Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate

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Software Compatibility: Procreate (recommended with Apple Pencil but not required)

Create Mid-Century Illustrations in Procreate

A collection of 15 mid-century art brushes designed to create a variety of illustration styles fast in Procreate. This pack is chock full of brushes for a variety of the 1950s and 1960s illustration styles.

"A must-have for every cartoonist and illustrator."

Brad Woodard - Brave the Woods

Here's everything you're going to get in the pack:

  • 15 mid-century Procreate illustration brushes.
  • 3 bonus mid-century Procreate illustration brushes
  • Includes gouache, ink, pencils, pens, halftone, and grain brushes.
  • Designed to make it easy to achieve a variety of mid-century illustration styles.
  • Includes easy-to-follow installation instructions.
  • Compatible with Procreate.

Do you make mid-century illustrations and cartoons? The Mid-Century Procreate Brush Pack was designed from the ground up to allow you to choose 2-3 brushes and create different and distinct styles of mid-century illustration work.

Here are some of the illustration styles you can get with easy using the pack:

  • Vibrant vintage children's books.
  • Energetic 1960s stle advertising art.
  • Minimalist catalog illustrations.
  • Low brow quirky retro art.
  • Modernist-inspired editorial illustrations.

A lot of our customers tell us they delete most of their other brushes after buying this pack due to the diversity of the brushes. Grab the pack now and experience what others are raving about.

The Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 78 reviews.

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