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A diverse collection of eight 19th-century typefaces designed by lettering artist and typographer Jason Carne

  • 8 typefaces (33 fonts) from Carmel Type (retail $264)
  • Professional-grade typefaces made by Carmel Type.
  • Handcrafted by Jason Carne (Warner Bros., Disney, Harley Davidson, and curator of the Lettering Library).
  • A diverse collection of typefaces inspired by sign painting, craft beer, passenger trains, and cocktails.

Number of fonts: 33

File Type: OTF and TTF versions of all fonts

File Size: 5.62 MB

License Type: Standard version

Foundry: Jason Carne


Robust, towering, and geometrically refined, Skyward is a surefire classic cocktail of equal parts utility and elegance.

This typeface carries a set of over 300 glyphs across 8 distinct faces. With Deco-era sensibilities and a touch of modern refinement + an all new alternative set of characters.

Skyward is exceedingly effective in a diverse spectrum of situations. 

Skyward is the perfect selection for modern, chic, luxury products and packaging as well as bold ad campaigns, window signage, magazine headlines or the classic branding project. Skyward works best as display text

Font Specifications

  • 8 styles
  • Sans-Serif & Serif styles
  • Stylistic alternates
  • Upper & lowercase
  • Numerals & punctuation  
  • 330+ glyphs per style
  • Supports 75+ Latin based languages
  • OTF files


An industrial strength slab-serif inspired by Detroit itself, Motor City is a heavyweight titan of type that breathes diesel and exudes brawn.

Defined by its trapezoidal serifs that were characteristic of many Detroit-centric sign-painters during the dawn of the 20th century, this typeface is a modern adaptation of a classic aesthetic. 

This typeface can be layered with the outline version to add levels of detail quickly and easily, making an already strong statement even more powerful and prominent.

This uppercase-only typeface comes with a set of true small capitals that is certain to add an extra level of style to your next project. 

Font Specifications

  • Over 330 glyphs
  • Uppercase
  • Small Caps
  • Numerals
  • European characters
  • Special characters
  • Mathematical characters
  • Commercial license included
  • Delivered as OTF file


Inspirited as much by nature and the elements as it was by the decorative and ornate alphabets of early sign-painting and lettering books, Alchemist aspires to become the next surefire, go-to staple in the display type community.

This semi-condensed, high contrast and stylish take on classic Roman forms is certain to stand out in your arsenal. 

Alchemist lends itself adeptly to signage, headlines, cinematic and gaming titles, packaging design and much more.

This protean display face can shift and adapt to your every need with over 100 alternate characters and more than 40 ligatures. Explore this massive 500+ character font today and see what you can create with it.

Font Specifications

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • 500+ characters
  • 40 ligatures
  • 100 alternate characters
  • Supports 75+ Latin Languages
  • OTF files


Inspired by the interior of a now-defunct Mosler Safe Company bank vault door located inside of what is now an Irish Pub in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Mosler is a typeface that is impenetrability incarnate.

This all uppercase, slab-serif brawny beauty comes in four weights - Safe, Strongbox, Vault, and Fortress, and each one is more powerful than the last.

Each weight has 450 glyphs included, making for a whopping 1800 glyphs for the full family, complete with small capitals, total support for nearly 80 different languages, decorative word glyphs, and a handful of select alternates.

Ranging from the low contrast of the "Safe" weight to the extreme contrast of the "Fortress" weight.

Mosler is effective in a wide array of applications but serves best as a titling, headlining, or display face that needs to make a mammoth statement.

Font Specifications

  • 4 Weights
  • Uppercase Only with Small Capitals
  • Numerals, Punctuation & Symbols
  • 450 Characters per Style
  • Stylistic Alternates and Word Glyphs
  • Supports 75+ Latin Languages
  • OTF files


Inspired by the iconic ultra-extended letter styles that lined the exteriors of many early 20th-century passenger train cars.

Railroad Co. is the ideal typeface for spaces that are short on height but huge on width. 

Stout vertical strokes, sharp serifs, and sweeping curves define this heavyweight titan that was crafted for mammoth statements. 

Railroad Co. is the perfect display face for luxury packaging, bold advertising campaigns, storefront signage, magazine headlines or branding projects.

Equipped with an all-caps arsenal of over 220 characters, Railroad Co. is an indispensable addition to any designers library that is tailored to any and every project that demands an enormous impact.

Font Specifications

  • 220 all-caps characters
  • Numerals and punctuation
  • Supports 75+ Latin based languages
  • OTF files


Designed with the gig poster in mind, Reverb is a throwback to the Fillmore West golden age of psychedelic rock and summertime fun.

With 5 distinct weights, this workhorse of a display face has you covered from light and airy to bold and curvy.

Concave stems. short descenders with a tall x-height and a generous helping of stroke contrast define this humanist sans face that's built to shine as a headliner or to spice up some secondary copy.

Font Specifications

  • Standard & Discretionary Ligatures
  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • 5 Weights
  • 380+ Glyphs per Style - 1900+ Total
  • Supports 75+ Latin based languages
  • OTF files


Capstone is inspired by classic Roman letterforms and the stylish low-contrast serifs of vintage ephemera and packaging from the early to mid 20th century.

The lighter weights carry grace and elegance for footnotes and captions, with the heavier weights giving you enough power for commanding headlines and bold displays.

Whether your job is big or small, Capstone has you covered on both ends of the spectrum and for everything in-between.

Font Specifications

  • Uppercase & Small Caps
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • 7 Weights
  • 400+ Glyphs per Style - 2800+ Total
  • Supports 75+ Latin based languages
  • OTF files 


Plucked from the gardens of elegance, Botanist is a Victorian inspired delight that comes equipped with razor sharp serifs and flowing delicate curves.

The standard set of capitals exudes a sense class and tradition, but when paired with its thoughtfully crafted decorative capitals, Botanist truly blossoms.

Font Specifications

  • Uppercase & Decorative Capitals
  • Numerals & Punctuation
  • 380+ Glyphs
  • Supports 75+ Latin Based Languages
  • OTF Files

Note: The script-style lettering "Carmel Type Co" on the product cover is a custom logotype — it is not included in the font set.