Hey! You! Thanks so much for buying the Boring Friends Starter Pack.

This pack will help give you a better undersanding of my own personal process and the tools I use to make my art, but most importantly it will give you the chance to open yourself up to new possibilities and approaces in your worn work and style.

Let's work together!

We've given you all the tools you need to create your own bold and simple illustrations. Plus, we've included all kinds of resources to try out new things.

Open up your chosen software (I'm working in Procreate but you can easily follow along with this in Photoshop), download the assets in the pack, and let's work together!

Feel free to pause and try stuff out. There's nothing better than working through this stuff yourself to get a feel for the process.

Thanks again — and if you need any help reach out to support@retrosupply.co

We're happy to help!