Bold, Fun, and Simple Illustration with BRad Woodard [webinar recording]

In this free webinar recording, illustrator and designer Brad Woodard shows you how to create bold, fun, and simple illustration working. Plus, we've included a FREE SpaceRanger Brush sample pack so you can follow along.

Buy the Complete Pack

(Plus, FREE Bonuses)

Get the complete SpaceRanger Brush and Tutorial Pack now and get all sorts of goodies including:

  • 20 SpaceRanger Photoshop Brush Presets including technical pencils, form builders, standard pencils, conté crayon, print textures and more.
  • 3 step-by-step SpaceRanger tutorial videos by illustrator Brad Woodard.
  • SpaceRanger Brush "Quick Reference" sheet to quickly see how each brush looks.
  • Quick and easy installation instructions (with pictures).
  • [BONUS #1] The Mid-Century Color Catalog PDF filled with proven color palettes inspired by mid-century American packaging.
  • [BONUS #2] Texture Boy Brush Pack for adding realistic ink textures for the perfect finish to your illustration and design work. 

[Limited Time Offer] These bonuses are only availale for a limited time. Why? Because they were only for people on the live webinar. But we ran out of space. So to make it up to those of you that couldn't get a seat we wanted to honor the deal : )