Build Your Own Bundle

Don't Settle for Pre-Made Design Bundles! Build Your Own with RetroSupply!

Are you tired of being forced to buy pre-made design bundles that don't quite fit your needs? Fear not, because RetroSupply has got you covered with our Build-Your-Own Bundle feature! This unique option allows you to select four or more of your favorite products and create your own personalized collection of design assets — and save 30% on your order!

    • Create a personalized bundle of design assets that fit's your style.
    • Save 30% by building a bundle of four or more products.
    • Experiment with new products without paying full price.
    • Download your products from your RetroSupply account anytime (so you won't lose them, even if you get a new computer).
    • Free updates! We update products regularly and never make you pay like some people we know.**
    • Customer support. From real humans that are actually artists — in fact, our customer support is ranked as one of the best in the biz!

So what are you waiting for? Build the exact bundle you want, save money, and level up your design and illustration. It's a win-win-win!

Just add four or more products to your cart and use the code TASTYCOMBO at checkout!

How It Works

Squirrel with Nuts

1. Build

Build a bundle by choosing 4 or more products.

2. Save 30%

Enter the code TASTYCOMBO at checkout and save 30%.

3. Enjoy!

Get instant access to your design bundle and forever access in your RetroSupply account.


What products qualify for this offer?

All digital products made by RetroSupply qualify for the offer. Physical products and merchandise do not qualify.  

Can I put bundles in my combo pack?

Yes, but a bundle counts as one product. That means you would need to add 3 more products to your cart to qualify for the combo discount.

Do you offer refunds on combos?

Unfortunately, due to the huge value you get in combos we can't offer refunds. However, we do have a killer help center and customer support.

*Offer may not be used with any other coupons, discounts, or specials.

**Excludes pre-packaged bundles. We sometime change or add products to exisitng bundles. The additional products are not free.