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Lots of email companies are using programs to block unwanted emails from getting to your inbox, often called spam. Unfortunately, these programs make mistakes and sometimes block emails you want to get.

To ensure you're receiving your RetroSupply emails do the following:

Be sure to add RetroSupply to your email whitelist to be sure you get our content and updates

Why is this important?

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising (AKA "spam") had become a big problem. In fact, it's such a big problem that most email services have put programs in place to filter or block it.

Here at RetroSupply we love the fact that email services our protecting inboxes form "spam". But, everyone agrees that the current spam filtering systems aren't a perfect solution. The big reason being that they often block emails you've requested, that someone at the email provider has decided looks like spam. Email service providers are getting better at eliminating these "false positives" but you still might find you're not receiving your subscription content.

Luckily, there's a really easy way to be sure you receive emails from us. You just need to combat the blacklist by putting us on the whitelist!

Below are some quick and easy instructions for putting us on your whitelist (so you don't miss out on any of our emails)


  1. In your inbox find an email from RetroSupply (for example, your Welcome email)
  2. Drag it onto the tab that says "Primary"
  3. That's it! Now our emails will be delivered safely to your inbox
Gmail Whitelist

Do You Use a Different Email Service?

Here's links for whitelisting emails from other providers:

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