RetroSupply's DupliTone Halftone shading system gives you lo-fi halftones better than anything on the market. DupliTone includes dot and line halftones that seamlessly layer, giving you tonal and shading variations that you've seen in vintage consumer packaging and ephemera. Plus, you can choose between traditional, rough halftones or squeaky clean smooth halftones.

The DupliTone Halftone Free Sample is a collection of 8 of the halftones in two tonal ranges so you can take them for a spin! Love what you see? Grab the entire collection of DupliTone Halfones for Adobe Illustrator.

Note: While these are technically swatches, you can use them with the Blob Brush tool to paint on the halftones.

The DuplitonE sample pack includes:

  • 20% Rough Halftone Swatch
  • 40% Rough Halftone Swatch
  • 20% Rough Left Lines Halftone Swatch
  • 40% Rough Left Lines Halftone Swatch
  • 20% Clean Halftone Swatch
  • 40% Clean Halftone Swatch
  • 20% Clean Halftone Left Lines
  • 40% Clean Halftone Left Lines