Free Gifts are Bye Bye.

Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is over. It was fun while it lasted, right?

Stick around for some holiday fun in December. You won't see deals like the ones we just had. But you might catch a little holiday buzz from the products and articles!

[OUT OF STOCK] Bonus Packs

These bonuses were exclusive for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. There is no way to get them now.

[BONUS #1] Office Supplies

Need to add some random office garbage to your work? Get our Office Supplies pack and start playing with 34 old staples, stamps, and tape to muck up your work. All delivered as transparent PNGs for high quality effects in your work. A special Black Friday exclusive!

Here's what's included:

  • 9 tape textures. Yellowing and brittle.
  • 9 paperclips and staples. Blends in like they're really on your work.
  • 9 retro stamps. Postal, advertising, and other inky surprises.
  • 7 paper marks. Stains, foxing, and mildew. Yummy!

Drawing Different Faces

[BONUS #2] Drawing Faces

A one-page worksheet inspired by books like Cartooning: The Head & Figure by Jack Hamm (1967). Delivered PDF file contains about 300% more content including eyes, noses, mouths, hair, and notes on using the worksheet.

RSCO Garamond

[BONUS #3] RSCO Garamond

A letterpress version of Garamond made from high-resolution print specimens from a friends old letterpress. This ones been sitting in the vault for years. This is one of the first times it's seen the light of day.