TransferTone is RetroSupply's tribute to the mesmerizing world of rub-on products. We researched dozens of patterns and tints sold back in the 1970s and 1980s and made patterns inspired by the era.

TransferTone includes 50 amazing, seamless patterns and you'll get 5 FREE with this sample pack. Take them for a spin and if you love them, make sure to grab the entire collection of 50 patterns and check out the TransferTone Turing Pattern expander pack!

Note: While these are technically swatches, you can use them with the Blob Brush tool to paint on the halftones.

The TRANSFERTONE sample pack includes:

  • RSCO Composistion swatch
  • RSCO Lite Dots swatch
  • RSCO Op Art Squares swatch
  • RSCO Classic Turing swatch
  • RSCO Wonky Grid swatch