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Logo Design Process
with Von Glitschka

In this comprehensive course, you'll learn the proven process that industry renowned designer Von Glitschka uses on logo design projects, step-by-step.

Von will cover everything from first contact with a potential client all the way to presneing the final design and delivering assets.

Here's what you're going to get:

  • 20 Logo Design Process Videos. Nothing is held back in this course. Von covers the entire logo design process, including working with clients, discovery and strategy, creating logo concepts, vector building methods, type, colors, design presentation, and delivery of final assets.
  • A step-by-step system for designing logos. This is an action-based course. Each video will guide you through part of the process for designing logos from first contact with a client to the delivery of the final assets.
  • How to sketch, refine, and build your logos. Von is a master of vector art (he's even a member of Adobe Illustrator's beta testing team). You'll learn how to go from rough sketches to clean and refined final vector artwork.
  • 80+ downloadable resources. Every file that Von shows in the videos is included and more. You'll find PDFs of slides, resource lists, example files, mini-guides and more.
  • Real-life client examples. Von shares tons of details stories from clients that will help you overcome client objections, solve common logo design issues, and gain a deeper understanding of logo design.
  • King Donuts sample project. Von chose King Donuts, a local donut shop, to use for a sample project. Throughout the course, Von will guide you through the King Donuts sample project.

Course outline


What is Branding?

The Client

Establishing the Scrope of Work

Quoting a Project

Discovery & Strategy

Using a Creative Brief

Defining a Clients Expectations

Using Mood Boards

Deductive Ideation

Picking an Appropriate Style

Creative Work

Progressive Drawing

Vector Building Methods

Detailing Logo Designs

Pairing Type and Customizing Logotypes

Choosing Brand Colors

Creating Secondary Brand Graphics

Design Presentation

Presenting Logo Design Directions

Presenting with a Brand Grid

Presenting with Mock Ups

Writing Design Rationales

Final Brand Assets

Setting Up Final Deliverables

Creating a Brand Style Guide


“Over 30 years of experience crafting brands has helped me develop a proven process for creating powerful and memorable logos. Now I'd like to share the process with you.”

Von Glitschka

Here's What You Get

4 Hours of Video Training

Get 20 videos that cover each step of the logo design process from first contact with client to final deliverables.

100+ Downloadable Resources

Tons of downloadable resources including Ai files, resources, templates and more.

Adobe Illustrator Files

View the Ai files Von uses on real projects. Use them as references for your own projects.


Real World Examples

In additional to an example project we've also included real work examples of projects Von has worked on.


Example Final Assets

Access the complete final deliverables Von sends to clients.

The Clockwork Method PDF

Get the Clockwork Method Von developed to make smooth and well crafted paths in Adobe Illustrator.

About the Teacher

Von Glitschka

Von Glitschka has over 37 years of experience partnering with ad agencies, in-house art departments, design firms, and marketing departments, helping them solve modern creative problems and expand their creative exploration.

He is the author of Vector Basic Training, one of the most recommended books on using Adobe Illustrator. He regularly consults with Adobe Illustrator. He has done logo and branding work for some of the biggest companies in the world including Wendy's and Dungeon & Dragons as well as countless small businesses.


“Your courses motivated me to dive into design, and now I've watched them all. Your teaching removed my fears, and I believe I can achieve anything. Best wishes!”

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“I've been in the graphic industry since the mid 70s and have become disenchanted. I began viewing your courses. Thank you for your passion, compassion, and contribution to this design industry. My desire and enthusiams have returned! You have been a huge inspiration, and I just had to say thank you.”

Rick B. | Texas, US

“Your courses are excellent—both creative and informative. Each one has significantly improved my Illustrator skills. Your encouragement to grow, create, and take risks motivates me after every session. Thank you!”

Suzanne M. | Canada

“I've paid for all kinds of courses with mixed results. A good instructor is priceless. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I rate you as one of the very best, if not the best, instructors I've ever had.”

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“I love your courses; you make me feel that something that seems so difficult or so far out of reach is doable and fun!”

Patrick V. | Denmark

“You want to learn from a professional whose work you like. Your course was what I needed. Von is a real professional and a talented creative who manages to combine critical thinking and creativity, which makes him a highly efficient designer. Thank you!”

Kristy E. | California, US

“Because of your content, I was miles ahead in most branding and logo design classes. You are an excellent teacher, and I would kill to be your apprentice.”

S'ala E. | Texas, US

“I attend Seton Hall University, and 90% of the videos they show us for my BA are yours. Your content teaches entire classes. You are a massive part of so many graphic designers' lives.”

Rose k. | New Jersey, US

“This course is one of the most enjoyable I've ever taken! I have always admired design but needed to improve. This course ignited the spark to practice again and improve my creative skills.”

Verified Course Participant

“The instruction was articulate, straight to the point, and explained everything in detail. He was easy to follow and made learning fun.”

Verified Course Participant

“It was a great experience to learn from Von. He is very good at it. Thank you so much for improving my skills!”

Verified Course Participant

“This course was beneficial in explaining the creative process and engagement between designer and client. I can apply this to my current company to guide and help marketing in brand development.”

Verified Course Participant

“I have taken online and in-person design courses for years. This instructor, in particular, knows to to present information succinctly and easily digestible. I appreciate all of his real-life examples and recommendations for extra resources that delve deeper into specific topics.”

Verified Course Participant

“My weakness is the logo design process, and I've always struggled with how to make it all work in my head. This course's explanations and processes are phenomenal in helping me make all the connections. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in adding this skill set to their repetoire. ”

Verified Course Participant

“I definitely recommend this course to all graphic designers. The business is equally important to the creative, and Von Glitschka is excellent. I love all his courses, and he is a better teacher than most at a university level.”

Verified Course Participant

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