I Found These Old Matchbooks in the Cabinet

I bought these matchbooks off eBay years ago and then promptly forgot about them. This weekend, I was digging through one of my junk drawers and found the matchbooks in a Zip Lock bag.

I had forgotten how killer these are. My favorite has got to be the Greyvan Lines one but The Fireproof Hotel is a close second (guessing the whole place is made of asbestos).

Between Cinco De Mayo fish tacos and Game of Thrones I had some time to make some textures out of a few of the matchbooks.

About the Matchbook Texture Freebies

This little freebie includes:

  • Bitmap TIFFS (perfect for adding textures quickly in Illustrator)
  • JPG's (use 'em however you want – figured they might be useful for Procreate)
  • Photoshop brushes
  • A high-resolution version of a full matchbook you can manipulate

Enjoy! And hey, if you dig the pack support the shop by picking up a thing or two from our premium products.

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