The Mid-Century Color Catalog

25 carefully curated color palettes with a rich history in mid-century design.

Inspired by classic mid-century packaging, this collection of 25 color swatches is designed to evoke the bold and vibrant colors of the era.

Each swatch is carefully curated to capture the essence of mid-century design, from the squeaky clean colors of retro cleaning supplies to the vibrant hues of classic soda bottles.

Whether you're working on a branding project, creating retro-inspired illustrations, or designing packaging for a new product, the Mid-Century Color Catalog has everything you need to achieve that perfect vintage look.

The Mid-Century Color Catalog Includes:

  • 25 color swatches. Includes RGB and CMYK values.
  • Stunning photographs. Each palette is accompanied by a photograph of the original object the colors were taken from.
  • Color history. Each palette also comes with a detailed history of the object it was inspired by.