People We Love

We've all got our favorite stuff. Here at RetroSupply Co. we have sites we go to time and time again for resources, inspiration, and just because they make us happy. Here are some friends and partners we love in no particular order.

CSA Images

CSA Images took disposable commercial art and elevated it to true art. If you need some beautiful artwork for your design work this is the crème de la crème. This is our #1 source for images for previews when we don't make them ourselves.

French Paper

When you want to present printed work in true style there's nothing better than French Paper. They have a huge range of paper styles and formats. Plus, they truly love design and print and it shows. Guaranteed to bring out the best in your work.

Astute Graphics

Honestly, I don't know how anyone who works in Illustrator lives without Astute Graphics. No matter what you do in Illustrator they have a plugin that makes it easier, more enjoyable and saves time. My personal favorites are VectorScribe, Texturino, and MirrorMe.

Honest Designers

Four designers from very different backgrounds get together each week to share their best ideas on design. Whether you're looking for inspiration to jumpstart your career or want to grow your income you'll find what you're looking for.

Design Cuts

There's a lot of deal sites out there for designers. Most of them suck. Except Design Cuts. These nice folks have great deals, speedy customer service, and a friendly community that brings something fresh to the design world.

Brave the Woods

Brad Woodard was my first design hero. I was lucky enough to eventually get to work with him on RetroSupply products. It was a highlight of my career to work with someone that I admired for so long. Check out this pack and this pack we made.

Spoon Graphics

What can I say? Chris Spooner is just about one of the most generous and kindest guys I know. If you want to sharpen your axe, Chris offers some of the best tutorials on the web for graphic designers. Plus, he's got a killer member's area.

Hey Monkey

There's gigantic companies that will print your shirts with fancy machines. Hey Monkey! is just the opposite. Each shirt is hand-pulled by a dude that loves his work. If you want shirts printed that people will covet this is the place to go.  

Draplin Design Co.

I love Aaron Draplin's work. But I was scared to meet him. What if my hero is a jerk? Turns out he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Whether you need design work, supplies for your projects, or tips for your work he's got something for you. Living history.


Did you know that I make a full-time income from RetroSupply Co.? True story. Learn how I did it here. I add occasional podcast interviews with other designers creating a passive income. Plus, I open up occasional premium training for designers who want to start a profitable side hustle.

Glitschka Studios

Von Glitschka was my second big design role model. I found out about him through this book. We met on a plane and Von is one of the nicest guys ever! I've been fortunate enough to release lots of great products with him. Grab all his products at a great price here. Another designer that will be in history books.

Creative Market

When it comes to large design marketplaces no one comes close Creative Market. The quality of the products are superb, the community is active and helpful, and everyone who works at Creative Market loves design and it shows.