Thanks for purchasing PopType!

PopType is insanely easy to use. I mean, you just select your type and then click on a style. 

But did you know there's all sorts of easy tricks and hacks you can do to get even more out of the pack?

Check out the quick and easy videos below to level up your PopType game!

And remember, if you have any questions we've got your back!

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Round 1 | Installing Styles

Installing PopType styles (or any graphic styles) is easy. This video will walk you through exactly how to install and test out your PopType graphic styles.



Learn how to install the PopType Photoshop brushes as well as the Photoshop tool presets. Plus, we'll look at the big difference between brushes and tool presets.


Round 3 | Customizing Styles

This is the meatiest lesson in the vault. You'll learn exactly how the PopType styles were built and how you can customize them.


Round 4 | Using the Texture Brushes

What can I say. We love texture brushes here at RetroSupply. We've included a set of 4 unique print texture brushes. These are created from large areas of ink in 1970s comic books.

They look great with the styles when you bring them into Photoshop. Learn our favorite ways for using them in this video.


Round 5 | Converting to Vector

Graphic styles live in Illustrator so technically they're already vector. But the effect is getting standard text and manipulating it. This tutorial will teach you how to change your work into 100% bona fide vector. 


[BONUS] How to Create Your Own Graphic Styles

I thought it might be helpful to include a tutorial that shows you how to build a graphic style from scratch. In this tutorial we'll start from zero and build a PopType inspired graphic style. 

A must-see if you want to create your own styles!