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We're so confident you'll love our Procreate brushes that we're offering you the chance to try them out risk-free.

Yep, that's right - you can test out our brushes and see the magic for yourself before making any commitments.

And when you find the brush packs you love (trust us, you will), you can purchase them with total confidence knowing you're getting high-quality brushes crafted with care.


rsco 20% - Rough Dots
DupliTone Halftone Brushes

DupliTone was built from the start with classic vintage offset printing in mind. Create diverse halftone effects with dot and line halftones that layer seamlessly to create that classic look.

rsco 50% - rough dot shader
DupliTone Halftone Brushes

DupliTone also comes with pressure senstive brushes so you can get a variety of tonal ranges in a single stroke. Finally, create rich halftone shading with ease!

rsco standard pencil #4
Standard Pencils

Five classic all-purpose pencils you'd find in your workspace– including sharp, dull, hard, aged, and soft graphite. Great for everything from sketching to final illustrations.

Standard Pens

Classic pens that have been custom made to deliver the retro looks you love. Get energetic and expressive lines, lines with subtle gritty texture, pens that emulate the look of ink bleed effects on cheap newsprint, and more.

RSCO chisel Tip Marker
Mr. Marker

Mr. Marker was designed to emulate the look of well-worn and loved student-grade markers. From the second you load these marker brushes you'll feel the ease and flow of drawing as a kid.

The Complete Mid-Century Brush Collection

A collection of mid-century art brushes designed to create a variety of vintage illustration styles. A must-have for every cartoonist and illustrator.

RSCO Riso Dry 50%
Risograph Brush and Texture Kit

With a complete spectrum of wet and dry Risograph brushes, true print defects, and authentic scans — Risograph Brush and Texture Kit is an authentic and thoughtful kit for prints, posters, zines, comics, and more.

RSCO Standard Newsprint Grain
Lo-Fi Subtle Grain and Noise Brushes

Add the magic of warm analog textures and noise to your work with this diverse collection of grainy texture brushes. From the soft textures of ink and newsprint to the grittiness of worn comic books — we've got you covered.

Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes | Vol. 1

Beat your work into another era with this collection of distressor brushes. Includes a wide variety of effects like edge distressors, paper folds, paper cracks, scuffs, and water stains.

RSCO Organic Pathways
TransferTone | Dry Transfer Brushes

100 amazing seamless pattern brushes for Procreate inspired by dry transfer patterns and tints of the 1970s and 1980s. Includes pressure sensitive tip and pressure sensitive gradient shader brushes, for a wide variety of effects.