Retro Bootcamp

Learn some hard-earned tips for giving your work an authentic retro look (including all the freebies you need to experiment).

Retro Bootcamp by RetroSupply


Halftone Brush Presets

This set of brushes makes it easy to paint authentic halftones onto your work effortlessly. Easily change colors and sizes.

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Print Texture Presets

Add gritty (yet subtle) ink marks to your work. Alternatively, add a clipping mask to a layer and use the brushes to add subtle print textures.

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Authentic Retro Clip Art

Practice using your new techniques and resources on these authentic retro clip art samples in easy to use vector format.

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Sample Artwork

The best way to learn is by doing. Download the sample artwork and inspect the layers, blending modes and layer masks. It will help you to quickly understand the techniques being used.

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Tips and Tricks

Use Layer Masks

In Photoshop, select a layer with your artwork on it. Now, click the Layer Mask icon in the bottom right hand corner.

You should now see a white box next to your work in the Layers panel. Select your Print Texture Presets and set the color to black. Now you can easily paint on subtle textures without damaging your artwork.

Try Blending Modes

Experiment with different Blending Modes to recreate real print effects. For example, place a piece of red artwork on top of blue artwork and set the top layers Blending Mode to Multiply.

The result is an overprint effect similar to the kind you see in lots of poster screen printing.

Use Halftones to Add Tints

Manufacturers wanted to save money on print work. Because each color printed on packaging cost additional money they would often use halftones to increase the amount of tints in the work (without using more colors).

Next time you need to add a lighter color to your work use a halftone brush and an existing color in your palette. You can see an example of this in action in the RS Sample Artwork File.

Cardboard Textures

Place your work on top of one of these handy high-resolution cardboard textures and play with the blending modes (try Multiply).

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