How to Become a Successful RetroSupply Co. Affiliate

As an affiliate, you have the potential to generate meaningful passive income by recommending RetroSupply's popular products, such as brushes, textures, fonts and more. However, achieving success as an affiliate takes more than simply posting a few links.

To give you a jumpstart, we've compiled some key tips and strategies inspired by our top-performing affiliates.

In this guide, we'll break down actionable advice you can implement to grow your own affiliate revenue. From consistency in posting to genuinely showcasing how you use products, these proven techniques will help you build trust with your audience and drive more sales.

  1. Post consistently on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Regular content keeps your audience engaged and allows frequent opportunities to authentically recommend products.
  2. Actively engage with your followers. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and build relationships with your audience. This builds trust that leads to more receptiveness to your recommendations.
  3. Show, don't just tell. Demonstrate how you actually use the products in your real work. Showing impressive end results gets people excited to achieve the same outcomes themselves using those tools.
  4. Be genuine in your endorsements. Your audience can tell if you're only pushing products for profit. Promote tools you honestly use and believe in.
  5. Educate as you promote. Teach your audience tips and techniques using the products so they understand their value and utility. This positions you as a trusted expert.
  6. Direct people to your affiliate links. Mention them in videos, post them on Instagram, and collect them in a Linktree. Make it easy for inspired followers to purchase.
  7. Disclose your affiliations to stay transparent. Build trust by making it clear when you'll earn a commission, while still only recommending products you believe benefit your audience.
  8. Integrate specific products into your content regularly. Rather than generic posts about being an affiliate, focus on naturally showcasing how you use particular RetroSupply products in your daily work. Consistently highlighting the same tools in a friendly, authentic way reinforces their value to your audience.
  9. Promote products you genuinely love and use often. Don't overwhelm your audience by trying to push every RetroSupply product. Instead, select a handful of tools that most excite you and align with your style. Your natural enthusiasm will shine through, as followers can sense when you truly believe in what you're endorsing.


Becoming a successful RetroSupply affiliate is all about building genuine connections with your audience and authentically showcasing the products you love.

To recap, post consistently on platforms where your audience is active, and prioritize engagement to strengthen those community bonds. Demonstrate your natural workflows and processes using RetroSupply tools to inspire others. Focus on a core selection of products you're passionate about and can seamlessly integrate into your content. And always remain transparent about your affiliate relationships to maintain trust.

Joining the RetroSupply affiliate program opens up a world of opportunities to monetize your creative talents and entrepreneurial drive. Equipped with the knowledge shared in this post, you have the power to not only earn commissions but also provide meaningful value to fellow designers and illustrators.

And as always, feel free to reach out to us via email or Instagram DMs if you have any questions, have a promotional idea you need help with, or anything else!