RetroSupply Affiliate Program Best Practices

The RetroSupply Affiliate Program can help you make extra cash every month. Our affiliate software (Refersion) makes it easy to share custom affiliate URL's on your website, Instagram, or other platforms.

In this article, you'll learn the best practices for making sales as a RetroSupply affiliate.

Before You Start

Here are some things that are helpful to know before you start your affiliate promotions.

1. Share products where you get the most traffic.

Even for the best product the conversion rate is around 5-7%. That means in order to make money you want to put your affiliate links in the places you get the most traffic.

Here's some common places successful affiliates place links:

  • Instagram (Story Highlights, Stories, and posts with link in bio)
  • Videos (Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Live Streams (Twitch or anywhere you interact live with an audience – this allows you to answer questions and build trust with your audience)
  • Email lists (if you have an email list that you send emails to regularly this is one of the most powerful ways to make sales)
  • Blog posts

The highest leverage way we've found so far to generate sales is by using Instagram Story Highlights. Your Instagram Story Highlight is at the top of your profile and gets a lot of traffic (which means a better chance of getting an affiliate sale).

2. Use the products in your work

If you just share products randomly it ends up feeling like a commercial and no one will buy. The best way to sell products is to use them in your work.

Show your audience the successful results you've achieved in your own work. When your audience is excited by your results they will be excited to buy a product.

For example, check out this post from Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods. Here he's used our Mid-Century Procreate Brushes in some illustration work he's done.

The illustrations look great and when he mentions he used our brushes it's only natural that his viewers will want to grab the same brushes he's using.

3. Try Different Stuff

Some affiliates will make one or two attempts at making an affiliate sale. Then when they don't see results they give up. This is a huge bummer. Often times they're just a few more tries away from making hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Being an affiliate is like anything else. You'll have to try different stuff before you see results.

Don't give up after one or two attempts. Try different stuff. Make it a habit to share RetroSupply products with your affiliate link when it makes sense. Eventually, you'll find your unique style that converts to sales.

For example, Scotty Russell tried sharing one of our bundles in his Perspective Collective newsletter. This generated him a significant amount of sales by just sending one email to his list.

Don't have a newsletter? No worries. The point is to experiment with different ideas. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Share the RetroSupply product(s) you used in your work on Behance. Make the product name into an affiliate link. It will be there night and day helping you to generate sales.
  • Mention us in an interview you do on a design blog and give them your affiliate link.
  • Ask us for a special one time discount you can use in a giveaway. We'll give you a discount to give one person a free product and you can give the runners up a percentage discount as a gift (we'll give you the discount codes and when they're used you'll get credit for the net amount of the sale).


These are just a few suggestions. Affiliates come up with tons of unique ways to promote products, make extra cash, and look like heroes to their followers by hooking them up.

Don't forget, we're here to help. If we can do anything to help you succeed email us at