Spring Drawing Challenge

Renew your art practice with a week long drawing challenge designed to help you look at your art with fresh eyes, prepare for your most productive season yet, and meet like-minded creatives.

You'll also get a FREE illustration brush kit and the chance to a RetroSupply Complete Collection or a $25 gift card. Don't like it? No prob. You can unsub in a click.

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Drawing CHallenge Rules

  1. Make a drawing using the calendar prompt.
  2. Post it on Instagram.
  3. Use the hashtag #RSCOspring and #RetroSupply.
  4. Repeat.

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You'll also get a FREE illustration brush kit and the chance to win a RetroSupply Complete Collection. Don't like it? No prob. You can unsub in a click.


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What is the Spring Drawing Challenge?

The RetroSupply Spring Drawing Challenge offers artists the opportunity to reinvigorate their creativity, connect with other artists, and win prizes.

How do I Join the challenge?

To enter the Spring Drawing Challenge, you must sign up for emails from RetroSupply Co. and post your art on Instagram each day based on the prompt, and be sure to use the hashtags #RSCOspring and #RetroSupply.


How do I get entered for prizes?

Be sure to signup for the RetroSupply Co. Spring Drawing Challenge email list (form on this page) and follow us on Instagram.

Each daily drawing prompt you post to Instagram must include the hashtags #RSCOspring and #RetroSupply. Winners will be decided by the RetroSupply team by looking at how many days you post art and how much you participate with the community (sharing ideas, commenting, effort).


Do I have to participate in the challenge every day?

Nope. We know you have a busy life outside of drawing challenges. Do what works for you. Even if you miss days, the days you do post will still count.

Here's an article on how to get the most from a drawing challenge (without losing your mind).