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Immerse yourself in the aesthetic of old-school stippling with Dot Dreams for Photoshop, our premium collection of stipple brushes for Photoshop.

Dot Dreams was inspired by the stippling aesthetic used by artists from the 20th century, including experimental vibes of the 1960s, throwback graphic design, counter-culture cartoons, punk zines, and the modern fusion of digital precision and vintage style.

  • 20 Dynamic Brushes. We've built a no-nonsense toolkit for getting authentic 20th-century stippling effects with 2 precision liners and 18 diverse stippling brushes. Effortlessly adjust the density and size of your dots for precision and speed.
  • Versatile Brush Range. Variety in dot range is the secret sauce to great stippling, and our curated collection provides it in spades. You'll find the perfect brush for everything from detailed line work, nuanced edges, textured gradients, and thick, inky fills.
  • Easy to Follow Tutorials. Don't just stipple—excel at it. Our simple video tutorials and user guide make it easy to master the two fundamental techniques required to get great results in your work. Let expert illustrator and stipple artist Jared Sylvia guide you through every dot and texture.
  • Color Formulas and Swatches. Fuel your creativity with our handpicked selection of color palettes and swatches selected specifically for stipple art. These assets were curated from hours of researching the most striking stipple art.
  • Stipple-Enhancing Paper Textures. Chosen to hit on the two distinctly different paper textures seen in stipple art. Take your pick from eggshell and uncoated matchbook textures to underpin your work with a classic analog foundation.


  • 18 stipple brushes including edge detailers, detail fillers, shaders, fillers, and spray brushes. 
  • 2 liner brushes (smooth and rough) balanced to work seamlessly with the stipplers.
  • 2 stipple-enhancing paper textures (eggshell and uncoated matchbook).
  • Stipple color palette guide with 15 color palettes and Photoshop color swatch files.
  • 2 tutorial videos to get you started fast including fundamental stippling technique and using the selection tool in Procreate for more controlled stippling.

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Jared Sylvia, an imaginative freelance designer and illustrator, calls Orlando, Florida his home. Boasting an impressive decade-long journey in the creative realm, Jared's work uniquely blends the intriguing worlds of surrealism and collage art. He is not just an artist, but an advocate too, using his distinctive artwork to challenge the misconceptions surrounding mental health and to spark meaningful conversations.

When not immersed in his artistic endeavors, Jared finds joy in writing music and strumming melodies. His life is also enriched by the moments he shares with his wife and their three children.

You can find Jared's art on Instagram @jaredsylvia and delve deeper into his portfolio at