Logo Design Process

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Logo design is arguably the most well-known aspect of graphic arts. And with good reason. A great logo can quickly and effictively communicate a company, product, service, or even an individual. 

In Logo Design Process, award-winning designer and illustrator Von Glitschka shares his proven process for creating world-class logos.

This course includes:

  • 21 Logo Design Process Videos. Nothing is held back in this course. Von covers the entire logo design process, including working with clients, discovery and strategy, creating logo concepts, vector building methods, type, colors, design presentation, and delivery of final assets.
  • A step-by-step system for designing logos. This is an action-based course. Each video will guide you through part of the process for designing logos from first contact with a client to the delivery of the final assets.
  • How to sketch, refine, and build your logos. Von is a master of vector art (he's even a member of Adobe Illustrator's beta testing team). You'll learn how to go from rough sketches to clean and refined final vector artwork. 
  • 80+ downloadable resources. Every file that Von shows in the videos is included and more. You'll find PDFs of slides, resource lists, example files, mini-guides and more.
  • Real-life client examples. Von shares tons of details stories from clients that will help you overcome client objections, solve common logo design issues, and gain a deeper understanding of logo design.
  • King Donuts sample project. Von chose King Donuts, a local donut shop, to use for a sample project. Throughout the course, Von will guide you through the King Donuts sample project.