Palm Canyon Drive

    • A monoline script inspired by mid-century Hollywood, California
    • Includes all standard alpha-numeric characters, 6 preview images for inspiration, and popular catchwords
    • Designed by Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co.

A Monoline Script Inspired by 40s and 50s California
Mid-century California was a magical place. Post-war optimism fueled the popularity of everything from Hollywood to roadside diners.
Palm Canyon Drive is a monoline script inspired by retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, Tikki bars and Hollywood.
With a classy yet unpretentious tone Palm Canyon Drive is as comfortable on a Tikki bar matchbook cover as it is on a Hollywood movie poster.
What's Included

  • Palm Canyon Drive script (OTF)
  • All standard alpha-numeric characters
  • Popular catchwords

About the Font
Palm Canyon Drive was designed by Amy Hood, co-founder of Hoodzpah Design Co. in conjunction with RetroSupply Co.
Amy Hood's work is a seamless blend of modern and retro design. Hoodzpah Design Co. has worked with all sorts of awesome clients including Google, Matchbox, The History Channel and more.